IFRO Working Papers, Department of Food and Resource Economics (IFRO), University of Copenhagen

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange and Spatial Price Dispersion: Disentangling Warehouse and Price Information effectsAyalew, Hailemariam; Belay, Dagim G.
2019 Can Incentives to Increase Electricity Use Reduce the Cost of Integrating Renewable Resources?Andersen, Laura Mørch; Hansen, Lars Gårn; Jensen, Carsten Lynge; Wolak, Frank A.
2019 Nudging farmers in crop choice using price information: Evidence from Ethiopian Commodity ExchangeBelay, Dagim G.; Ayalew, Hailemariam
2019 Benchmarking with uncertain data: a simulation study comparing alternative methodsHougaard, Jens Leth; Kerstens, Pieter Jan; Nielsen, Kurt
2019 Industry Competitiveness IndicatorsAsmild, Mette; Baležentis, Tomas; Hougaard, Jens Leth
2019 The hidden cost of real time electricity pricingBejan, Ioana; Jensen, Carsten Lynge; Andersen, Laura Mørch; Hansen, Lars Gårn
2019 Exact tests on returns to scale and comparisons of production frontiers in nonparametric modelsRønn-Nielsen, Anders; Kronborg, Dorte; Asmild, Mette
2019 Estimating Stochastic Ray Production FrontiersTsionas, Mike; Izzeldin, Marwan; Henningsen, Arne; Paravalos, Evaggelos
2019 Comment on: "Testing Hyphotheses in Non-parametric Models of Production" by Kneip, Simar, and Wilson (2016, JBES)Asmild, Mette; Henningsen, Arne; Kronborg, Dorte; Rønn-Nielsen, Anders
2019 Units of Measurement and the Inverse Hyperbolic Sine TransformationAïhounton, Ghislain B. D.; Henningsen, Arne
2019 Motivations of volunteers in Danish grazing organisationsMadsen, Sari F.; Strange, Niels; Schou, Jesper S.
2018 Promises undone: How committed pledges impact donations to charityFosgaard, Toke R.; Soetevent, Adriaan R.
2018 The Chinese Export Displacement Effect RevisitedElleby, Christian; Yu, Wusheng; Yu, Qian
2018 Testing Theoretical Explanations for Investment Behaviour in the Dutch Beam Trawler Fishery in the North SeaJensen, Frank; Elleby, Christian; Hamon, Katell G.; op de Weegh, Jos
2018 How Many Instruments Do We Really Need? A First-Best Optimal Solution to Multiple Objectives with Fisheries RegulationElleby, Christian; Jensen, Frank
2018 Can pecuniary and environmental incentives via SMS messaging make households adjust their intra-day electricity demand to a fluctuating production?Møller, Niels Framroze; Andersen, Laura Mørch; Hansen, Lars Gårn; Jensen, Carsten Lynge
2018 Cooperation stability: A representative sample in the labFosgaard, Toke R.
2018 Strategic Ignorance of Health Risk: Its Causes and Policy ConsequencesNordström, Jonas; Thunström, Linda; van 't Veld, Klaas; Shogren, Jason F.; Ehmke, Mariah
2018 The Economic Value of Habits in Household Production – A Field ExperimentBejan, Ioana; Jensen, Carsten Lynge; Andersen, Laura Mørch; Hansen, Lars Gårn
2018 Farmers' perception of Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) and associated technologiesThomsen, Maria Nygård; Tamirat, Tseganesh Wubale; Pedersen, Søren Marcus; Lind, Kim Martin; Pedersen, Hans Henrik; de Bruin, Sytze; Nuyttens, David; Vangeyte, Jurgen; Forristal, Patrick Dermot; Sørensen, Claus Grøn
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 135