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2021 The EU budgetary package 2021 to 2027 almost finalised: An assessmentReininger, Thomas
2021 Reshaping trade ties with China in the aftermath of COVID-19Gruebler, Julia
2021 Central, East and Southeast European countries in the global value chain networkAdarov, Amat
2021 Public services and liveability in European cities in comparisonHolzner, Mario; Römisch, Roman
2021 Quality of goods imports: Which role for non-tariff measures?Ghodsi, Mahdi; Elhami, Payam; Stehrer, Robert
2021 The Visegrád countries: Coronavirus pandemic, EU transfers, and their impact on AustriaAstrov, Vasily; Holzner, Mario
2021 Future migration flows to the EU: Adapting policy to the new reality in a managed and sustainable wayGrieveson, Richard; Landesmann, Michael; Mara, Isilda
2021 The information and communication technology cluster in the global value chain networkAdarov, Amat
2021 Value chain integration of the Western Balkan countries and policy options for the post-COVID-19 periodReiter, Oliver; Stehrer, Robert
2021 Net migration and its skill composition in the Western Balkan countries between 2010 and 2019: Results from a cohort approachLeitner, Sandra M.
2020 How to spend it: A proposal for a European Covid-19 recovery programmeCreel, Jérôme; Holzner, Mario; Saraceno, Francesco; Watt, Andrew; Wittwer, Jérôme
2020 The European Union's industrial policy: What are the main challenges?Landesmann, Michael; Stöllinger, Roman
2020 Productivity and competitiveness of the Western Balkan countries: An analysis based on the wiiw Western Balkan Productivity DatabaseReiter, Oliver; Schwarzhappel, Monika; Stehrer, Robert
2020 Getting serious about the European: Green Deal with a Carbon Border TaxStöllinger, Roman
2020 What can be the way out of the impasse in Belarus?Dobrinski, Rumen Nikolov
2020 Refugees' integration in the Austrian labour market: Occupational mobility and job-skills mismatchLeitner, Sandra M.; Landesmann, Michael
2020 Can we justify EU Cohesion Policy?Römisch, Roman
2019 The Future of UK Services Trade Post-Brexit: Unlikely to Be BrightPindyuk, Olga
2019 Non-Performing Loans in Central and Southeast EuropeBykova, Alexandra; Pindyuk, Olga
2019 One trillion euros for Europe: How to finance a European Silk Road with the help of a European Silk Road Trust, backed by a European Sovereign Wealth Fund and other financing instrumentsHolzner, Mario
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 51