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Loandos, Checri
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Serie Documentos de Trabajo 655
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"Will it help me sell more shoes?" - This response by the owner of a shoe factory when asked by a leader in Information Technology about acquiring a new IT device touches upon one of the most important points about IT and companies: should an organization invest in IT? If your answer is "yes", then under what conditions? So what is right for my company? When should I invest in IT and how much is it worth my while? Under what conditions can my company expect an investment of capital in technological assets to be justified? What factors will put my investment at risk and which factors will reduce my benefits? These are questions companies should ask. In this research, we explore which factors are important. Also, we integrate them into the MERIT, a model that can be used as a tool for the evaluation of the conditions of a company to take advantage of an investment related to Information Technology.
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Working Paper
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