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Alfano, Vincenzo
Cicatiello, Lorenzo
Gaeta, Giuseppe Lucio
Pinto, Mauro
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GLO Discussion Paper 393
A growing number of academic studies are devoting their attention to the study of the gender wage gap. This paper contributes to the literature by analyzing the existence of this gap specifically among those who hold the highest possible educational qualification, i.e. a PhD. The analysis relies on Italian crosssectional data collected through a highly representative survey of the employment conditions of PhD holders. The econometric analysis is carried out by means of OLS regression, Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition analysis and quantile decomposition. Findings suggest that a gender gap in hourly wages exists among PhD holders, that it lies approximately between 5% and 8%, with sizeable differences by sector of employment and field of specialization, and that such a gap is largely unexplained.
gender wage gap
return on education
Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition
quantile decomposition
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Working Paper

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