JRC Working Papers on Territorial Modelling and Analysis, Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Spatial aggregation bias in wage curve and NAWRU estimationPersyn, Damiaan
2020 Regional economic resilience in the European Union: A numerical general equilibrium analysisDi Pietro, Filippo; Lecca, Patrizio; Salotti, Simone
2020 Economic modelling to evaluate smart specialisation: An analysis on research and innovation targets in Southern EuropeBarbero, Javier; Diukanova, Olga; Gianelle, Carlo; Salotti, Simone; Santoalha, Artur
2020 The importance of studying inter-regional spillover effects of European policies: Application of the RHOMOLO model for PolandLecca, Patrizio; Salotti, Simone; Conte, Andrea
2019 Estimating road transport costs between EU regionsPersyn, Damiaan; Diaz-Lanchas, Jorge; Barbero, Javier
2019 European NUTS 2 regions: construction of interregional trade-linked Supply and Use tables with consistent transport flowsThissen, Mark; Ivanova, Olga; Mandras, Giovanni; Husby, Trond
2019 A trade hierarchy of cities based on transport cost thresholdsDiaz-Lanchas, Jorge; Llano Verduras, Carlos; Zofío, José L.
2019 Upward pressure on wages and the interregional trade spillover effects under demand-side shocksLecca, Patrizio; Christensen, Martin; Conte, Andrea; Mandras, Giovanni; Salotti, Simone
2019 Measuring subnational economic complexity: An application with Spanish dataPérez-Balsalobre, Santiago; Llano Verduras, Carlos; Díaz-Lanchas, Jorge
2019 Does decentralization of governance promote urban diversity? Evidence from SpainDiaz-Lanchas, Jorge; Florax, Raymond J. G. M.; Mulder, Peter
2019 The impact of the Grand Paris Express on the European regions: A RHOMOLO analysisDi Comite, Francesco; Mandras, Giovanni; Sakkas, Stylianos
2019 The RHOMOLO-IO modelling framework: A flexible Input-Output tool for policy analysisMandras, Giovanni; Conte, Andrea; Salotti, Simone
2019 The politicization of transatlantic trade in Europe: Explaining inconsistent preferences regarding free trade and the TTIPSojka, Aleksandra; Diaz-Lanchas, Jorge; Steinberg, Federico
2018 The third pillar of the Investment Plan for Europe: An impact assessment using the RHOMOLO modelChristensen, Martin; Conte, Andrea; Di Pietro, Filippo; Lecca, Patrizio; Mandras, Giovanni; Salotti, Simone
2018 The RHOMOLO economic impact assessment of the R&I and Low-Carbon ERDF Investment programme in Apulia, ItalyDi Comite, Francesco; Diukanova, Olga; Mandras, Giovanni; Gómez Prieto, Javier
2018 Assessing the regional socio-economic impact of the European R&I programmeChristensen, Martin
2018 The impact of Cohesion Policy 2007-2015 in EU regions: Simulations with the RHOMOLO Interregional Dynamic General Equilibrium ModelDi Comite, Francesco; Lecca, Patrizio; Monfort, Philippe; Persyn, Damiaan; Piculescu, Violeta
2018 The macroeconomic implications of the European Social Fund: An impact assessment exercise using the RHOMOLO modelSakkas, Stylianos
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18