JRC Working Papers on Corporate R&D and Innovation, Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission

ISSN: 1831-9408

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2023Regional incidence and persistence of high-growth firms: Testing ideas from the entrepreneurial ecosystems literatureCoad, Alexander; Domnick, Clemens; Santoleri, Pietro; Srhoj, Stjepan
2023Industrial Innovation for Open Strategic Autonomy - leaving no one and no place behind: Science-to-policy evidence from the 9th European Conference on Corporate R&D and InnovationAmaral-Garcia, Sofia; Confraria, Hugo; Domnick, Clemens; Hervás, Fernando; Moncada Paternò Castello, Pietro; Rentocchini, Francesco; Zaurino, Elena
2022Economic crisis accelerates urban structural change via inter-sectoral labour mobilityStraulino, Daniel; Diodato, Dario; O'Clery, Neave
2022High-Growth Enterprises in times of COVID-19: An overviewCoad, Alexander; Amaral-Garcia, Sofia; Bauer, Péter; Domnick, Clemens; Harasztosi, Péter; Pál, Rozália; Teruel, Mercedes
2021A preliminary index of SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic testing patentsMavridis, Dimitrios; Cséfalvay, Zoltán; Gkotsis, Petros; Potters, Lesley
2021Patenting in 4IR technologies and firm performanceBenassi, Mario; Grinza, Elena; Rentocchini, Francesco; Rondi, Laura
2020The role of gender in linking external sources of knowledge and R&D intensityAmoroso, Sara; Audretsch, David B.
2020The EU vs US corporate R&D intensity gap: Investigating key sectors and firmsMoncada-Paternò-Castello, Pietro; Grassano, Nicola
2020Regulations and technology gap in Europe: The role of firm dynamicsAmoroso, Sara; Martino, Roberto
2020How the "EU Innovation Champions" successfully absorbed and reacted to the shock caused by the COVID-19 pandemicDe Massis, Alfredo; Di Minin, Alberto; Marullo, Cristina; Rovelli, Paola; Tensen, Rik; Carbone, Antonio; Crupi, Antonio
2020On R&D sectoral intensities and convergence clubsCattaruzzo, Sebastiano
2020Organization and geography of global R&D and innovation activities: Insights from qualitative research on leading corporate R&D investors investorsDosso, Mafini; Ramirez, Paulina
2019Financial constraints and intangible investments: Do innovative and non-innovative firms differ?Montresor, Sandro; Vezzani, Antonio
2019What are the policy options? A systematic review of policy responses to the impacts of robotisation and automation on the labour marketCsefalvay, Zoltan
2019Concordance and complementarity in IP instrumentsGrazzi, Marco; Piccardo, Chiara; Vergari, Cecilia
2019Teaming up with large R&D investors: Good or bad for knowledge production and diffusion?Amoroso, Sara; Vannuccini, Simone
2019Intellectual Property Protection Mechanisms and the Characteristics of Founding TeamsAmoroso, Sara; Link, Albert N.
2019Labor mobility from R&D-intensive multinational companies: Implications for knowledge and technologyHolm, Jacob Rubæk; Timmermans, Bram; Østergaard, Christian R.; Coad, Alexander; Grassano, Nicola; Vezzani, Antonio
2019A geography of corporate knowledge flows across world regions: Evidence from patent citations of top R&D-investing firmsDosso, Mafini; Lebert, Didier
2019Asbestos, leaded petrol, and other aberrations: Comparing countries' regulatory responses to disapproved products and technologiesCoad, Alexander; Biggi, Gianluca; Giuliani, Elisa
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 100