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Crossman, Sam
Malde, Bansi
Vera-Hernandez, Marcos
Kahuo, Philip Komo
Radhakrishnan, Diksha
Oiye, Shadrack
Chapota, Hilda
Phiri, Tambosi
Kainja, Esther
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IFS Report R130
Undernutrition among children remains a significant challenge in Kenya with 26% of children under the age of five registering low height-for-age ratios or, in other words, experiencing stunted growth. The problem is often attributed to parents' scant knowledge of optimal feeding practices. Augmenting this knowledge by providing caregivers with information on nutrition has proven to be effective - inducing positive changes in caregivers' behavior and, in turn, improving health outcomes among children. Designed to supply this critically needed information, NEEP was tested as a potentially impactful, cost-effective and scalable innovation to reduce undernutrition and improve growth outcomes among children. This report provides an evaluation of the programme.
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Research Report

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