Department of Economic Policy Working Paper Series, University of Economics in Bratislava

ISSN: 1339-0430

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 Potential risk of automation for employment in Slovakia: A district- and industry-level analysisMajzlíková, Erika; Vitáloš, Matej
2020 Central bank credibility in CEE countries: Measurement and determinantsDráb, Ján; Dujava, Daniel
2020 Entry and competition of healthcare providers in Slovakia: A spatial analysisMandézák, Peter; Lábaj, Martin
2019 Economic growth and convergence during the transition to production using automation capitalDujava, Daniel; Lábaj, Martin
2019 Drivers of deindustrialisation: Sub-system analysis of internationally fragmented production structuresLábaj, Martin; Stracová, Erika
2019 Choosing the mode of transport: Case study of Bratislava regionDujava, Daniel; Kaliés, Richard
2019 Automation and labor demand in European countries: A task-based approach to wage bill decompositionLábaj, Martin; Vitáloš, Matej
2019 Pools or schools or both? Diversification and specialisation in public servicesDujava, Daniel; Černěnko, Tomáš; Rafaj, Oliver
2018 Measuring income inequalities beyond Gini indexNežinský, Eduard; Luptáčik, Mikuláš
2018 Decomposition of wage inequalities: an input-output approachLábaj, Martin; Puškárová, Paula
2018 The Impact of Fiscal Consolidation on Inequality: The Case of V4 CountriesMandžák, Peter
2018 Technical efficiency of Slovak general hospitalsKališ, Richard
2018 Revisiting the Efficiency-Equity Trade-off: A Muli-objective Linear Problem combined with an extended Leontief Input Output - ModelLuptáčik, Mikuláš; Mahlberg, Bernhard
2017 Input-Output Analysis of Deindustrialization and OutsourcingStracová, Erika; Kališ, Richard
2015 Labour Elasticity in V4 countries: Structural decomposition analysisHudcovský, Martin; Lábaj, Martin; Morvay, Karol
2015 Market Structure and Competition in the Health-care Industry: Results from a Transition EconomyLábaj, Martin; Šiškovičová, Alzbeta; Šiškovičová, Barbora; Silanič, Peter; Weiss, Christoph; Yontcheva, Biliana
2014 Eco-efficiency and convergenceNežinský, Eduard
2014 Determining drivers of eco-efficiency: decomposition methodNežinský, Eduard
2014 Economic growth, inequality and efficiencyŠtikarová, Soňa
2014 Market Structure in Transition: Entry and Competition in SlovakiaLábaj, Martin; Morvay, Karol; Silaniè, Peter; Weiss, Christoph
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24