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2011 Global governance and building a harmonious world: a comparison of European and Chinese concepts for international affairsFues, Thomas; Liu, Youfa
2011 Re-defining ‘good business’ in the face of Asian drivers of global change: China and the global corporate social responsibility discussionWeikert, Jochen
2011 Agricultural development in a changing climate in Zambia: increasing resilience to climate change and economic shocks in crop productionNeubert, Susanne; Kömm, Michael; Krumsiek, Axel; Schulte, Annika; Tatge, Nadine
2011 Coordinating China and DAC development partners: challenges to the aid architecture in RwandaGrimm, Sven; Höß, Heike; Knappe, Katharina; Siebold, Marion; Sperrfechter, Johannes
2011 Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and black economic empowerment (BEE) in South Africa: a case study of German transnational corporationsChahoud, Tatjana; Kneller, Maren; Krahl, Kristof; Rieken, Jakob; Riffler, Vera
2011 Reforming development cooperation at the United Nations: an analysis of policy position and actions of key states on reform optionsWeinlich, Silke
2011 The role of regulation, tradition and gender in doing business: case study and survey report on a two-year research project in GhanaHampel-Milagrosa, Aimée
2010 Formalisation and business development in Mozambique: how important are regulations ?Krause, Matthias; Ackermann, Moritz; Gayoso, Lena; Hirtbach, Claudia; Koppa, Martin; Siciliano Brêtas, Lena
2010 Resilient adaptation to climate change in African agricultureIfejika Speranza, Chinwe
2010 Die Reform der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit der Vereinten Nationen: eine Analyse des Verhaltens und der Positionierung wichtiger Staaten gegenüber ReformoptionenWeinlich, Silke
2009 China and Latin America: economic relations in the twenty-first centuryJenkins, Rhys Owen; Dussel Peters, Enrique
2009 The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) as a tool to improve governance: experience in GhanaGrimm, Sven; Nawrath, Kristin; Roth, Robert; Triebel, Simon; Utz, Britta
2009 Administracion tributaria municipal en el contexto del proceso de descentralizacion en el Peruvon Haldenwang, Christian; Büsing, Elke; Földi, Katharina; Goldboom, Tabea; Jenrich, Ferdinand; Pulkowski, Jens
2009 Coping with the ‘Security-Development Nexus': The European Community’s Instrument for Stability - Rationale and potentialGänzle, Stefan
2009 中国建筑节能:政策、障碍和机遇Richerzhagen, Carmen; von Frieling, Tabea; Hansen, Nils; Minnaert, Anja; Netzer, Nina; Rußbild, Jonas
2009 Biodiesel in India: value chain organisation and policy options for rural developmentAltenburg, Tilman; Dietz, Hildegard; Hahl, Matthias; Nikolidakis, Nikos; Rosendahl, Christina; Seelige, Kathrin
2009 German aid for trade: past experience, lessons learnt, and the way forwardVoionmaa, Petra; Brüntrup, Michael
2009 Linking EU trade and development policies: lessons from the ACP-EU trade negotiations on economic partnership agreementsMakhan, Davina
2009 Laos on its way to WTO membership: challenges and opportunities for developing high-value agricultural exportsWiemann, Jürgen; Ashoff, Verena; Grad, Melanie; Meyer, Anna Katharina; Ruff, Stefanie; Staiger, Thomas
2009 Agricultural policies in Sub-Saharan Africa: understanding CAADP and APRM policy processesZimmermann, Roukayatou; Brüntrup, Michael; Kolavalli, Shashidhara; Flaherty, Kathleen
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 102
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