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Egging, Ruud
Holz, Franziska
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DIW Data Documentation 100
[Introduction] This report is part of the data documentation for the Global Gas Model (GGM) as prepared for analyses in the H2020 SET-Nav project1 and subsequent studies. Since some data are proprietary we cannot make available all input data we have used. By describing input data, the processing steps, and the resulting input files we aim for maximum transparency and to allow anyone to reproduce the data sets from scratch if desired. GGM was developed by Egging (2010, 2013), also based on expertise gained in the development and application of the European Gas Model (Egging et al., 2008) and the World Gas Model (Egging et al., 2010, 2009). GGM was applied with various data sets and versions in studies of the future global (Holz et al., 2015) and European gas markets (Holz et al., 2016, 2017). In addition to the impact of climate policy, supply security has been a recurring concern (e.g. Richter and Holz, 2015). Moreover, a stochastic version that used a scenario tree was applied in Egging and Holz (2016). In the SET-Nav project, GGM contributed to the analyses of projects of common interest (PCI), their profitability and public support requirements (Kotek et al., 2018). This is a deterministic model version (i.e. no probabilistic scenario tree). [...]
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Research Report

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