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2021 Projections of expenditure for primary, community and long-term care in Ireland, 2019-2035, based on the Hippocrates modelWalsh, Brendan; Keegan, Conor; Brick, Aoife; Connolly, Sheelah; Bergin, Adele; Wren, Maev-Ann; Lyons, Sean; Hill, Leonie; Smith, Samantha
2021 Fathers and children from infancy to middle childhoodSmyth, Emer; Russell, Helen
2021 Detention and alternatives to detention in international protection and return procedures in IrelandCunniffe, Emily
2021 Measuring childhood disability and AIM programme provision in IrelandWhelan, Adele; Bergin, Adele; Devlin, Anne; Garcia Rodriguez, Abian; McGuinness, Séamus; Privalko, Ivan; Russell, Helen
2021 The impacts of aviation taxation in IrelandDe Bruin, Kelly C.; Yakut, Aykut Mert
2021 Enhancing the attractiveness of the island of Ireland to high-value foreign direct investmentSiedschlag, Iulia; Yan, Weijie; Driffield, Nigel L.
2021 Cross-border trade in servicesLawless, Martina
2021 Heterogeneous effects of a minimum wage increase on hours workedRedmond, Paul; McGuinness, Séamus
2021 Risk and protective factors in adolescent behaviour: The role of family, school and neighbourhood characteristics in (mis)behaviour among young peopleSmyth, Emer; Darmody, Merike
2021 Risk and protective factors for mental health and wellbeing in childhood and adolescenceNolan, Anne; Smyth, Emer
2021 Demand for the statutory home care schemeWalsh, Brendan; Lyons, Sean
2021 The dynamics of child poverty in Ireland: Evidence from the growing up in Ireland surveyMaître, Bertrand; Russell, Helen; Smyth, Emer
2021 Review of international approaches to evaluating rural and community development investment and supportsWhelan, Adele; McGuinness, Séamus; Barrett, Alan
2021 Data management in the international protection procedure in IrelandCunniffe, Emily; Sheridan, Anne
2021 A comparative assessment of minimum wage employment in EuropeRedmond, Paul; Maître, Bertrand; McGuinness, Séamus; Maragkou, Konstantina
2021 The impact of the 2016 minimum wage increase on average labour costs, hours worked and employment in Irish firmsRedmond, Paul; McGuinness, Séamus
2020 National statuses granted for protection reasons in IrelandGroarke, Sarah; Brazil, Patricia
2020 Clusters of health behaviours among young adults in IrelandNolan, Anne; Smyth, Emer
2020 Income adequacy in retirement: Evidence from the Irish longitudinal study on ageing (TILDA)Beirne, Keelan; Nolan, Anne; Roantree, Barra
2020 Migratory pathways to Ireland for start-ups and innovative entrepreneursMc Namara, Frank; Quinn, Emma
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 57