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Wickboldt, Clemens
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Diskussionsbeiträge 2019/5
A comprehensive empirical study is performed to measure the performance of a Blockchain-based Certification Storage System in Hyperledger Fabric. This work is based on a proof of concept in the aviation industry and follows a Technical Risk & Efficacy evaluation strategy to determine the utility derived from the use of the artefact. Relevant tuning parameters for performance and scalability as well as bottlenecks are identified. The impact of configuration parameters such as blocksize, transaction arrival rate and number of concurrent users on the systems performance is investigated. Observations show that demands at throughput above system limits lead to transaction failures. Contributed are a repeatable process to performance sensitivity analysis and recommendations for configuring a Blockchain-based Certification Storage System for stable but high performance. The results can be used as a basis for optimizing the performance of similar systems.
Hyperledger Fabric
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Working Paper
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