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2016The influence of size on winery performance: Evidence from Italy
In: Band: 5, 2016, Heft: 1, S. 33-41
Sellers Rubio, Ricardo; Sottini, Veronica Alampi
2016Wine industry competitiveness: A survey of the Shawnee Hills American Viticultural Area
In: Band: 5, 2016, Heft: 1, S. 4-13
Rendleman, C. M.; Hoemmen, Garrett A.; Altman, Ira; Taylor, Brad; Moon, Wanki; Smith, Sylvia
2016Determinants of fortified wine consumption in Russia: Evidence from a national sample of the Russian Population
In: Band: 5, 2016, Heft: 1, S. 42-49
Yormirzoev, Mirzobobo
2016Identifying economic hurdles to early adoption of preventative practices: The case of trunk diseases in California winegrape vineyards
In: Band: 5, 2016, Heft: 2, S. 127-141
Kaplan, Jonathan D.; Travadon, Renaud; Cooper, Monica; Hillis, Vicken; Lubell, Mark; Baumgartner, Kendra
2016Prosumers in the wine market: An explorative study
In: Band: 5, 2016, Heft: 1, S. 24-32
Dressler, Marc
2016Is there sustainable entrepreneurship in the wine industry? Exploring sicilian wineries participating in the SOStain program
In: Band: 5, 2016, Heft: 1, S. 14-23
Schimmenti, Emanuele; Migliore, Giuseppina; Di Franco, Caterina Patrizia; Borsellino, Valeria
2016Development and trade competitiveness of the European wine sector: A gravity analysis of intra-EU flows
In: Band: 5, 2016, Heft: 1, S. 50-59
Lombardi, Pasquale; Dal Bianco, Andrea; Freda, Roberto; Caracciolo, Francesco; Cembalo, Luigi
2016Climate change effects and adaptation strategies in the wine sector: A quantitative literature review
In: Band: 5, 2016, Heft: 2, S. 114-126
Sacchelli, Sandro; Fabbrizzi, Sara; Menghini, Silvio
2016Entertainment marketing, experiential consumption and consumer behavior: The determinant of choice of wine in the store
In: Band: 5, 2016, Heft: 2, S. 87-95
Platania, Marco; Platania, Silvia; Santisi, Giuseppe
2016Wine and health perceptions: Exploring the impact of gender, age and ethnicity on consumer perceptions of wine and health
In: Band: 5, 2016, Heft: 2, S. 105-113
Chang, Kathryn J.; Thach, Liz; Olsen, Janeen E.