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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018Reach for the stars: The impact on consumer preferences of introducing a new top-tier typology into a PDO wineScozzafava, Gabriele; Gerini, Francesca; Dominici, Andrea; Contini, Caterina; Casini, Leonardo
2018Construction and operationalisation of sectorial brands: The case of the Brazilian winemaking sector from the perspective of different stakeholdersCastro, Dra Virginia Aparecida; Giraldi, Janaina de Moura Engracia; de Oliveira, Jorge Henrique Caldeira
2018Efficiency analysis of Italian wine producersUrso, Arturo; Timpanaro, Giuseppe; Caracciolo, Francesco; Cembalo, Luigi
2018COGNAC consumption: A comparative study on American and Chinese consumersSong, Lingfang; Wei, Yujie; Bergiel, Blaise
2018An exploratory examination of philanthropy in the New Zealand, Spanish and US wine industriesForbes, Sharon L.; Fuentes Fernández, Rosana; Gilinsky, Armand
2018Exploring structural and strategic correlates of difficulties in the internationalisation process of Italian wine SMEsKöhr, Christopher Karl; Camanzi, Luca; Malorgio, Giulio
2018Adaptive capacity to climate change in the wine industry: A Bayesian Network approachMerloni, Eva; Camanzi, Luca; Mulazzani, Luca; Malorgio, Giulio
2018Exploratory wine consumer behavior in a transitional market: The case of PolandSchaefer, Renata; Olsen, Janeen E.; Thach, Liz
2018Wine productivity per farm size: A maximum entropy applicationGalindro, Aníbal; Santos, Micael; Santos, Cátia; Marta-Costa, Ana; Matias, João Carlos Oliveira; Cerveira, Adelaide
2018The determinants of voluntary traceability standards: The case of the wine sectorStranieri, Stefanella; Cavaliere, Alessia; Banterle, Alessandro