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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analyzing the impact of conjunctive labeling as part of a regional wine branding strategyAtkin, Tom; Wilson, Damien; Thach, Liz; Olsen, Janeen E.
2017Exploring consumers' perception and willingness to pay for "non-added sulphite" wines through experimental auctions: A case study in Italy and SpainAmato, Mario; Ballco, Petjon; López-Galán, Belinda; De Magistris, Tiziana; Vernau, Fabio
2017One size does (obviously not) fit all: Using product attributes for wine market segmentationPomarici, Eugenio; Lerro, Marco; Chrysochou, Polymeros; Vecchio, Riccardo; Krystallis, Athanasios
2017European consumers' perception of moderate wine consumption on healthVecchio, Riccardo; Decordi, Giulia; Grésillon, Léa; Gugenberger, Claire; Mahéo, Margot; Jourjon, Frédérique
2017The cost of making wine: A Tuscan case study based on a full cost approachMarone, Enrico; Bertocci, Marco; Boncinelli, Fabio; Marinelli, Nicola
2017Social media as a strategic marketing tool in the Sicilian wine industry: Evidence from FacebookGalati, Antonino; Crescimanno, Maria; Tinervia, Salvatore; Fagnani, Francesco
2017Crowdfunding and wine business: Some insights from Fundovino experienceMariani, Angela Carla; Annunziata, Azzurra; Aprile, Maria Carmela; Nacchia, Francesco
2017Different preferences for wine communicationSillani, Sandro; Miccoli, Alessandra; Nassivera, Federico
2017Law and innovation in new resistant grapevine varietiesBarker, John
2017Conducting wine marketing research with impact in China: Guidelines for design, execution and disseminationCohen, Justin; Lockshin, Larry