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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011Public Debt Tipping Point Studies Ingnore How Exchange Rate Changes May Create A Financial MeltdownPope, Robin; Selten, Reinhard
2007Exchange Rate Determination: A Model of the Decisive Role of Central Bank Cooperation and ConflictPope, Robin; Selten, Reinhard; Kube, Sebastian; Kaiser, Johannes; von Hagen, Jürgen
2007The damage from clean floats: From an anti-inflationary monetary policyPope, Robin; Selten, Reinhard; Kaiser, Johannes; Kube, Sebastian; von Hagen, Jürgen
2009Managed Floats to Damp Shocks like 1982-5 and 2006-9: Field and Laboratory Evidence for Chinese Interest in a Single World CurrencyPope, Robin; Selten, Reinhard; Kube, Sebastian; von Hagen, Jürgen
2006Prominent Numbers and Ratios in Exchange Rate Determination: Field and Laboratory Evidencevon Hagen, Jürgen; Kube, Sebastian; Kaiser, Johannes; Selten, Reinhard; Pope, Robin
2009Risk in a Simple Temporal Framework for Expected Utility Theory and for SKAT, the Stages of Knowledge Ahead TheoryPope, Robin; Selten, Reinhard
2009Nominalist Heuristics and Economic TheoryPope, Robin; Selten, Reinhard; Kube, Sebastian
2009Prominent Numbers, Indices and Ratios in Exchange Rate Determination and Financial Crashes: in Economists’ Models, in the Field and in the LaboratoryPope, Robin; Selten, Reinhard; Kube, Sebastian; von Hagen, Jürgen
2009Risk and Expected Utility TheoryPope, Robin; Selten, Reinhard
2006Experimental Evidence on the Benefits of Eliminating Exchange Rate Uncertainties and Why Expected Utility Theory causes Economists to Miss Themvon Hagen, Jürgen; Kube, Sebastian; Selten, Reinhard; Pope, Robin