ifh Working Papers, Volkswirtschaftliches Institut für Mittelstand und Handwerk an der Universität Göttingen (ifh)

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2019 Non-R&D, interactive learning and economic performance: Revisiting innovation in small and medium enterprisesThomä, Jörg; Zimmermann, Volker
2019 Can APPealing and more informative bills "nudge" individuals into conserving electricity?Meub, Lukas; Runst, Petrik; von der Leyen, Kaja
2019 Dosis facit effectum: Why the scope of the carbon tax matters - Evidence from the Swedish residential sectorRunst, Petrik; Thonipara, Anita
2019 Digitization and knowledge spillover effectiveness: Evidence from the "German Mittelstand"Proeger, Till; Runst, Petrik
2018 Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings in the European Union – An Exploratory Analysis of Cross-Country Consumption PatternsThonipara, Anita; Runst, Petrik; Ochsner, Christian; Bizer, Kilian
2018 Does occupational deregulation affect in-company vocational training? – Evidence from the 2004 Reform of the German Trade and Crafts CodeRunst, Petrik; Thomä, Jörg
2018 Does occupational licensing impact incomes? - The German crafts caseFredriksen, Kaja
2018 Ökonomische Effekte der Deregulierung der Handwerksordnung im Jahr 2004Runst, Petrik; Fredriksen, Kaja; Proeger, Till; Bizer, Kilian; Haverkamp, Katarzyna; Müller, Klaus; Thomä, Jörg
2018 Asymmetrische Information auf dem Handwerksmarkt – eine qualitative AnalyseRupieper, Li Kathrin; Proeger, Till
2018 Are estimates of the "natural experiment" in the German crafts sector causal?Fredriksen, Kaja; Runst, Petrik
2017 DUI mode learning and barriers to innovation - the case of GermanyThomä, Jörg
2017 Energieeffizienz im europäischen WohngebäudesektorRunst, Petrik; Thonipara, Anita; Ochsner, Christian; Henger, Ralph
2017 Masterful Meisters? Voluntary Certification and Quality in the German Crafts SectorFredriksen, Kaja; Runst, Petrik; Bizer, Kilian
2017 A replication of ‘Entry regulation and entrepreneurship: a natural experiment in German craftsmanship’Runst, Petrik; Thomä, Jörg; Haverkamp, Katarzyna; Müller, Klaus
2017 Betriebliche Ausbildungsbeteiligung ‐ eine veränderte Anreizkonstellation durch die Handwerksnovelle 2004?Thomä, Jörg
2017 Networks and Firm Performance: A Case Study of Vietnamese Small and Medium EnterprisesPham, Hung D.; Runst, Petrik; Bizer, Kilian
2016 The Effect of Occupational Licensing Deregulation on Migrants in the German Skilled Crafts SectorRunst, Petrik
2016 Economic Effects of Deregulation - Using the Example of the Revised Trade and Crafts Code 2004Müller, Klaus
2016 A comment on the adoption of energy-efficiency-measures within firms - Energy costs and firm heterogeneityRunst, Petrik
2015 Energy efficiency consultants as change agents? Examining the reasons for EECs’ limited successFeser, Daniel; Runst, Petrik
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20
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