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2023 Personality and self-employment: A journey into the craft's way of doing businessRunst, Petrik; Thomä, Jörg
2022 A resource-based analysis of strategic alliances between knowledge intermediaries in regional innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystemsBäumle, Philipp; Bizer, Kilian
2022 Firm innovation and generalized trust as a regional resourceBischoff, Thore Sören; Hipp, Ann; Runst, Petrik
2022 Resilient entrepreneurs? Revisiting the relationship between the Big Five and self-employmentRunst, Petrik; Thomä, Jörg
2022 A hidden source of innovation? Revisiting the impact of initial vocational training on technological innovationMatthies, Eike; Thomä, Jörg; Bizer, Kilian
2022 The roles of knowledge intermediaries in sustainability transitions and digitalization: Academia driven fostering of socio technical transitions?Bäumle, Philipp; Hirschmann, Daniel; Feser, Daniel
2022 Does initial vocational training foster innovativeness at the company level? Evidence from German establishment dataMatthies, Eike; Haverkamp, Katarzyna; Thomä, Jörg; Bizer, Kilian
2022 Personality and regional innovativeness: An empirical analysis of German patent dataReher, Leonie; Runst, Petrik; Thomä, Jörg
2022 From automation to databased business models - digitalization and its links to innovation in small and medium-sized enterprisesThomä, Jörg; Bischoff, Thore S.
2022 An urban-rural divide (or not?): Small firm location and the use of digital technologiesThomä, Jörg
2021 Institutional conditions for the up-take of governance experiments - A comparative case studyFeser, Daniel; Winkler-Portmann, Simon; Bischoff, Thore Sören; Bauknecht, Dierk; Bizer, Kilian; Führ, Martin; Heyen, Dirk Arne; Proeger, Till; von der Leyen, Kaja; Vogel, Moritz
2021 Quasi-carbon taxation - The German eco tax and its impact on CO2 emissionsRunst, Petrik; Höhle, David
2020 Experience-based know-how, learning and innovation in German SMEs: An explorative analysis of the role of know-how in different modes of innovationAlhusen, Harm
2020 Assessing the Digital Divide and its Regional Determinants: Evidence from a Web-Scraping AnalysisThonipara, Anita; Sternberg, Rolf G.; Proeger, Till; Haefner, Lukas
2020 Kooperationsstrukturen für die Regionalentwicklung - Erfahrungen aus SüdniedersachsenBäumle, Philipp; Bizer, Kilian; Proeger, Till
2020 Does Personality Matter? Small Business Owners and Modes of Innovation Runst, Petrik; Thomä, Jörg
2019 Exploring the pathways: Regulatory experiments for Sustainable Development - An interdisciplinary approachBauknecht, Dierk; Bischoff, Thore; Bizer, Kilian; Heyen, Dirk Arne; Führ, Martin; Gailhofer, Peter; Proeger, Till; von der Leyen, Kaja
2019 Digitization and knowledge spillover effectiveness: Evidence from the "German Mittelstand"Proeger, Till; Runst, Petrik
2019 Non-R&D, interactive learning and economic performance: Revisiting innovation in small and medium enterprisesThomä, Jörg; Zimmermann, Volker
2019 Can APPealing and more informative bills "nudge" individuals into conserving electricity?Meub, Lukas; Runst, Petrik; von der Leyen, Kaja
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 39
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