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Berthoin Antal, Ariane
Debucquet, Gervaise
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[Editor:] Peters, Michael A. [Editor:] Weber, Susanne Maria [Title:] Organization and Newness: Discourses and Ecologies of Innovation in the Creative University [ISBN:] 978-90-04-39482-7 [Series:] Creative Education [No.:] 5 [Place:] Leiden [Publisher:] Brill [Year:] 2019 [Pages:] 149-166
Recognizing that identities are not static but instead forged in social interactions, this article explores how interplays of similarity and difference can stimulate identity development in organizations. Artistic interventions in organizations are conceived as opening spaces for interactions in which intercultural contention can stimulate identity development at the individual and organizational levels. The contribution draws on data generated from Webbased surveys of employees, managers, and artists who participated in artistic interventions in small and medium sized companies in Spain. Several tensions between their culturally distinct worlds emerge as drivers of a process in which the participants engage in identity development characterized by double-mirroring, coevolution, and resonance.
artistic interventions
identity development
intercultural interactions
creative processes
discursive perspective
lexical analysis
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