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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016An open letter to Mr. Secretary general of the united nations to propose setting up global standards for conquering growth limits of capitalismYun, JinHyo Joseph; Cooke, Philip; Kodama, Fumio; Phillips, Fred; Gupta, Anil K.; Carrillo Gamboa, Francisco Javier; Krishna, Venni; Lee, Keun; Lee, KongRae; Witt, Ulrich; Lace, Natalja; Choi, SangOk; Jung, KwangHo; Jung, WooSung; Park, KyungBae; Lee, Sam Youl; Park, Jiyoung; Rhee, Jaehoon; Won, DongKyu; Park, Taeho; Yang, Jeongho; Jeong, EuiSeob; Kang, JinWon
2021Three disruptive models of new spatial planning: 'attention', 'surveillance' or 'sustainable' capitalisms?Cooke, Philip
2019World turned upside down: Entrepreneurial decline, its reluctant myths and troubling realitiesCooke, Philip
2015Green governance and green clusters: regional & national policies for the climate change challenge of Central & Eastern EuropeCooke, Philip
2016The virtues of variety in regional innovation systems and entrepreneurial ecosystemsCooke, Philip
2020Silicon valley imperialists create new model villages as smart cities in their own imageCooke, Philip
2017Complex spaces: Global innovation networks & territorial innovation systems in information & communication technologiesCooke, Philip
2017A ground-up "Quaternary" innovation strategy for South Korea using entrepreneurial ecosystem platformsCooke, Philip
2021Future shift for "big things": From starchitecture via agritecture to parkitectureCooke, Philip
2022Open innovation, soft branding and green influencers: Critiquing 'Fast Fashion' and 'Overtourism'Cooke, Philip; Nunes, Sergio; Oliva, Stefania; Lazzeretti, Luciana