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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Interactions in Swiss Households' Energy Demand: A Holistic ApproachTilov, Ivan; Volland, Benjamin; Farsi, Mehdi
2017Swiss Household Energy Demand Survey (SHEDS): Objectives, design, and implementationWeber, Sylvain; Burger, Paul; Farsi, Mehdi; Martinez-Cruz, Adan L.; Puntiroli, Michael; Schubert, Iljana; Volland, Benjamin
2022Who is afraid of electric vehicles? An analysis of stated EV preferences in SwitzerlandVan Dijk, Jeremy; Farsi, Mehdi
2017Turn it up and open the window: On the rebound effects in residential heatingHediger, Cecile; Farsi, Mehdi; Weber, Sylvain
2020Beyond political divides: Analyzing public opinion on carbon taxation in SwitzerlandOtt, Laurent; Farsi, Mehdi; Weber, Sylvain
2020Travel mode choices in a greening market: the impact of electric vehicles and prior investmentsvan Dijk, Jeremy; Farsi, Mehdi; Weber, Sylvain
2021Energy efficiency and heating technology investments: Manipulating financial information in a discrete choice experimentLang, Ghislaine; Farsi, Mehdi; Lanz, Bruno; Weber, Sylvain
2018Travel distance, fuel efficiency, and vehicle weight: An estimation of the rebound effect using individual data in SwitzerlandWeber, Sylvain; Farsi, Mehdi
2020Service life of building elements: An empirical investigationVolland, Benjamin; Farsi, Mehdi; Lasvaux, Sébastien; Padey, Pierryves
2022The role of tenants in the transition towards more sustainable energy consumptionMaciosek, Benedikt; Farsi, Mehdi; Weber, Sylvain; Jakob, Martin