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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020Counting carbon in global trade: Why imported emissions challenge the climate regime and what might be done about it. An essay seriesKrishnan, Aarti; Maxwell, Simon
2020Universal child benefits: Policy issues and optionsBastagli, Francesca; Samman, Emma; Both, Nathalie; Evans, Martin; Sepúlveda, Magdalena; Yang, Lichao; Walker, Robert; Salomon, Heiner; Orton, Ian
2020The woman in the house, the man in the street: Young women's economic empowerment and social norms in CubaStavropoulou, Maria; Torres, Ailynn; Samuels, Fiona; Solis, Valia; Fernández, Rocío
2020Africa and the United Kingdom: Challenges and opportunities to expand UK investmentsMendez Parra, Maximiliano; Raga, Sherillyn; Sommer, Lily
2020Research in Somalia: Opportunities for cooperationPellini, Arnaldo; Abdi, Deqa I.; Salah, Guled; Ali, Hussein Yusuf; Quintin, Kalinaki Lawrence; Hassan, Mohamed Abdisalam; Said, Salim; Khan, Amina; Laws, Edward
2020Securing climate finance through national development banksGriffith-Jones, Stephany; Attridge, Samantha; Gouett, Matthew
2020Risk-informed approaches to humanitarian funding: Using risk finance tools to strengthen resilienceWillitts-King, Barnaby; Weingärtner, Lena; Pichon, Florence; Spencer, Alexandra
2020Inclusive economic growth in Kenya: The spatial dynamics of povertyTyson, Judith; Diwakar, Vidya; Adetutu, Morakinyo O.; Bishop, James
2020Private lending and debt risks of low-income developing countriesBonizzi, Bruno; Laskaridis, Christina; Griffiths, Jesse
2020Phasing out plasticsScott, Andrew; Pickard, Sam; Sharp, Samuel; Becqué, Renilde