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2023Early child care and labor supply of lower-SES mothers: A randomized controlled trialHermes, Henning; Krauß, Marina; Lergetporer, Philipp; Peter, Frauke; Wiederhold, Simon
2023The fiscal and intergenerational burdens of brakes and subsidies for energy pricesScharrer, Christian; Huber, Johannes
2022An augmented steady-state Kalman filter to evaluate the likelihood of linear and time: Invariant state-space modelsHuber, Johannes
2022It is expensive being young and poor or being old and in the middle classScharrer, Christian
2021Hedging against inflation: Housing vs. equityFehrle, Daniel
2020Business cycle accounting for the German fiscal stimulus program during the Great RecessionFehrle, Daniel; Huber, Johannes
2020The effects of financing rules in pay-as-you-go pension systems on the life and the business cycleScharrer, Christian
2020Polynomial chaos expansion: Efficient evaluation and estimation of computational modelsFehrle, Daniel; Heiberger, Christopher; Huber, Johannes
2020The return on everything and the business cycle in production economiesHeiberger, Christopher; Fehrle, Daniel
2019Vaccination recommendations and timeliness: The German measles caseKucher, Andreas
2019DICE-RD: An implementation of rate-related damages in the DICE modelMichaelis, Peter; Wirths, Heiko
2018Business cycle uncertainty and economic welfare revisitedHeiberger, Christopher; Maußner, Alfred
2017Heritability of time preference: Evidence from German twin dataHübler, Philipp
2016Preparing for the future: The OECD-countries in comparisonHanusch, Horst; Hara, Yasushi
2016Ashes to ashes, time to time: Parental time discounting and its role in the intergenerational transmission of smokingHübler, Philipp; Kucher, Andreas
2016Revolutionary developments in the world economyHanusch, Horst
2016Public expenditures, innovation and economic growth: Empirical evidence from G20 countriesHanusch, Horst; Chakraborty, Lekha; Khurana, Swati
2016Meeting the challenges of the EU-2020 agenda: A future-oriented indicator analysis for the EU-countriesHanusch, Horst; Hara, Yasushi
2016Variety of future-orientation: The case of G-19 countriesHanusch, Horst; Hara, Yasushi
2016On the patterns of behaviour in digitalized societiesHanusch, Horst
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 184