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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Three stage maturity model in SME's toward industry 4.0Ganzarain, Jaione; Errasti, Nekane
2016A preliminary study on the changes in the Italian automotive supply chain for the introduction of electric vehiclesRossini, Matteo; Ciarapica, Filippo Emanuele; Matt, Dominik; Spena, Pasquale Russo
2016Transactional approach in assessment of operational performance of companies in transport infrastructureDubrovsky, Valery; Yaroshevich, Natalya; Kuzmin, Evgeny
2016Industry 4.0 implies lean manufacturing: Research activities in industry 4.0 function as enablers for lean manufacturingSanders, Adam; Elangeswaran, Chola; Wulfsberg, Jens P.
2016Managing PBL difficulties in an industrial engineering and management programAlves, A. C.; Sousa, Rui; Moreira, Francisco; Carvalho, M. Alice; Cardoso, Elisabete; Pimenta, Pedro; Malheiro, Teresa; Brito, Irene; Fernandes, Sandra; Mesquita, Diana
2016Authentic leadership and organizational commitment: The mediating role of positive psychological capitalRego, Paulo; Lopes, Miguel Pereira; Nascimento, José Luís
2016A production throughput forecasting system in an automated hard disk drive test operation using GRNNNara Samattapapong; Nitin Afzulpurkar
2016Identification of variables and their influence on the human resources planning in the territorial levelMartínez-Vivar, Rodobaldo; Sánchez-Rodríguez, Alexander; Pérez-Campdesuñer, Reyner; García-Vidal, Gelmar
2016Modeling policy mix to improve the competitiveness of Indonesian palm oil industrySilitonga, Roland Y. H.; Siswanto, Joko; Simatupang, Tota; Bahagia, Senator Nur
2016Simulation and optimization of logistics distribution for an engine production lineSong, Lijun; Jin, Shanying; Tang, Pengfei