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Qadri, Usman Ahmad
Hassan, Syed Salman
Sheikh, Muhammad Azhar
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[Journal:] Pakistan Journal of Commerce and Social Sciences (PJCSS) [ISSN:] 2309-8619 [Volume:] 11 [Year:] 2017 [Issue:] 2 [Pages:] 623-643
Johar Education Society, Pakistan (JESPK), Lahore
Spiritual intelligence is the mind's capacity to handle spiritual and substantial aspects of life. Literature indicates that spiritual intelligence can be effective in lowering the stress and increases the job performance of employees at the workplace. The purpose of this study is to investigate the mediating effect of internal locus of control (ILOC) and job stress (JS) between spiritual intelligence (SI) and job performance (JP). The data was collected from 425 employees working at managerial positions in different textile companies in the province Punjab, Pakistan. The collected data was analyzed using structural equation modeling (SEM). The study found that internal locus of control and job stress partially mediate the relationship between spiritual intelligence and job performance. It is important for the management of textile companies to develop the spiritual intelligence of the employees at their workplace. Spiritual intelligence and ILOC are useful for lowering the indices of job stress and increasing the job performance of employees at their workplace.
spiritual intelligence
internal locus of control
job stress
job performance
textile industry
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