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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019Environmental degradation and output volatility: A global perspectiveMajeed, Muhammad Tariq; Mazhar, Maria
2019Financial development and ecological footprint: A global panel data analysisMajeed, Muhammad Tariq; Mazhar, Maria
2020Drivers of decoupling economic growth from carbon emission: Empirical analysis of ASEAN countries using decoupling and decomposition modelKhan, Sher; Majeed, Muhammad Tariq
2020Spatial econometric model of the spillover effects of financial development on carbon emissions: A global analysisSamreen, Isma; Majeed, Muhammad Tariq
2020Effects of urbanization, industrialization, economic growth, energy consumption, financial development on carbon emissions: An extended STIRPAT model for heterogeneous income groupsMajeed, Muhammad Tariq; Tauqir, Aisha
2019Decomposition and decoupling analysis of carbon emissions from economic growth: A case study of PakistanKhan, Sher; Majeed, Muhammad Tariq
2018Information and communication technology (ICT) and environmental sustainability: A comparative empirical analysisMajeed, Muhammad Tariq
2016Distributional consequences of remittances: Evidence from sixty-five developing countriesMajeed, Muhammad Tariq
2015Energy consumption, economic growth, trade and financial development nexus in South AsiaSiddique, Hafiz Muhammad Abubakar; Majeed, Muhammad Tariq
2018Information and communication technology (ICT) and economic growth nexus: A comparative global analysisMajeed, Muhammad Tariq; Ayub, Tayba