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Leung, Ben Chak-Man
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[Journal:] Energy Reports [ISSN:] 2352-4847 [Volume:] 4 [Year:] 2018 [Pages:] 159-206
Global warming has raised a global concern on climate change. One of the effective measures to combat this global warming is to limit/conserve the energy uses globally. It is a common scientific consensus that around 30% in average of the total energy uses in modern countries comes from the energy uses from the existing building blocks. This article gives a systematic manner to develop strategies of how to effectively greening the existing buildings [GEB]. The findings concluded that using the above GEB strategies can achieve a total of energy savings in a range of 40%-60%. This high energy savings will contribute to carbon intensity reduction in the range of 20%-30%. A Green Audit Award [GAA] is postulated to help to identify the green potential/deficiencies of the existing buildings with the aim to wrap up a green improvement plan so that the existing buildings can become green within the constraints of the existing building under the assessment. A pilot test in terms of a case study confirmed that the GAA assessment scheme coupled with the GEB strategies is feasible and cost effective to turn the existing building green. Government support and promotion is crucial for the sustainability of these GEB strategies and a survey from previous study of cost coming from the illness and the pay to avoid this illness points out that the proposed funds to be subsidized for both greening and maintenance of existing buildings with age Ï 40 years is justifiable for GEB promotion. With the advance of GEB strategies focusing on the rate of return for energy savings, GAA assessment will be an effectual tool to attain the objective of this paper to transform the existing buildings to green with ease and cost effectively, and with the effort of each existing building in adopting the above GEB strategies, an enormous effect will be anticipated in combating the global warming in return.
Building energy index
Green Audit Award
Greening existing buildings strategies
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