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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015The impact of CO2 emissions and economic growth on energy consumption in 58 countriesSaidi, Kais; Hammami, Sami
2015Experimental CO2 injection: Study of physical changes in sandstone porous media using Hg porosimetry and 3D pore network modelsCampos, Rocío; Barrios, Icíar; Lillo, Javier
2015Comparative study of isotropic and anisotropic sky models to estimate solar radiation incident on tilted surface: A case study for Bhopal, IndiaShukla, K. N.; Rangnekar, Saroj; Sudhakar, K.
2015Influence of thermal boundary conditions on MHD natural convection in square enclosure using Cu-water nanofluidMansour, M. A.; Bakier, M. A. Y.
2015Power system reconfiguration in a radial distribution network for reducing losses and to improve voltage profile using modified plant growth simulation algorithm with Distributed Generation (DG)Rajaram, R.; Sathish Kumar, K.; Rajasekar, N.
2015Energy efficiency of lighting installations: Software application and experimental validationLobão, J. A.; Devezas, Tessaleno C.; Catalão, J. P. S.
2015Supervisory control of a variable speed wind turbine with doubly fed induction generatorViveiros, C.; Melício, R.; Igreja, J.M.; Mendes, V.M.F.
2015A study on photovoltaic parameters of mono-crystalline silicon solar cell with cell temperatureChander, Subhash; Purohit, A.; Sharma, Anshu; Arvind; Nehra, S. P.; Dhaka, M. S.
2015Study the efficiency of single crystal CdTe/ZnCdS solar cell at various temperatures and illumination levelsZia, Rehana; Saleemi, Farhat; Naseem, Shahzad; Kayani, Zohra
2015Physio-chemical assessment of beauty leaf (Calophyllum inophyllum) as second-generation biodiesel feedstockJahirul, M. I.; Brown, R. J.; Senadeera, W.; Ashwath, N.; Rasul, M. G.; Rahman, M. M.; Hossain, Farhad M.; Moghaddam, Lalehvash; Islam, M. A.; O'Hara, I. M.