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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020Enabling models of Internet eXchange Points for developing contexts
In: volume: 5, 2020, p. 1-8
Ó Briain, Diarmuid; Denieffe, David; Okello, Dorothy; Kavanagh, Yvonne
2020Efficient and participatory design of scale-appropriate agricultural machinery workshops in developing countries: A case study in Bangladesh
In: volume: 5, 2020, p. 1-11
Gregg, Ellerbe Somers; Colton, Jonathan; Matin, Md Abdul; Krupnik, Timothy J.
2020Developing intermediate machines for high-land agriculture
In: volume: 5, 2020, p. 1-14
Franco, Walter; Barbera, Filippo; Bartolucci, Luigi; Felizia, Tiziano; Focanti, Federica
2020Practical design considerations for secondary air injection in wood-burning cookstoves: An experimental study
In: volume: 5, 2020, p. 1-10
Caubel, Julien J.; Rapp, Vi H.; Chen, Sharon S.; Gadgil, Ashok J.
2020Techno-economic comparison of the FUEL sensor and Kitchen Performance Test to quantify household fuel consumption with multiple cookstoves and fuels
In: volume: 5, 2020, p. 1-11
Ventrella, Jennifer; Lefebvre, Olivier; MacCarty, Nordica
2020Toilet alarms: A novel application of latrine sensors and machine learning for optimizing sanitation services in informal settlements
In: volume: 5, 2020, p. 1-9
Turman-Bryant, Nick; Sharpe, Taylor; Nagel, Corey; Stover, Lauren; Thomas, Evan A.
2020Using sensors to measure technology adoption in the social sciences
In: volume: 5, 2020, p. 1-19
Rom, Adina; Günther, Isabel; Borofsky, Yael
2020Global health front-end medical device design: The use of prototypes to engage stakeholders
In: volume: 5, 2020, p. 1-12
Coulentianos, Marianna J.; Rodriguez-Calero, Ilka; Daly, Shanna R.; Sienko, Kathleen H.
2020Data classification for secure mobile health data collection systems
In: volume: 5, 2020, p. 1-8
Katarahweire, Marriette; Bainomugisha, Engineer; Mughal, Khalid A.
2020Design for localisation: A case study in the development and implementation of a low head propeller turbine in Nepal
In: volume: 5, 2020, p. 1-9
Butchers, Joe; Cox, Jonathan; Williamson, Sam; Booker, Julian; Gautam, Biraj