China Journal of Accounting Research. The journal of the Sun Yat-sen University, Elsevier

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Identifying M&A targets and the information content of VC/PEsTang, Qingquan; Li, Wenfei
2018 Margin trading, short selling, and bond yield spreadGao, Kaijuan; Lin, Wanfa
2018 The effect of corporate culture on firm performance: Evidence from ChinaZhao, Hailin; Teng, Haimeng; Wu, Qiang
2018 The effect of non-recurring items on analysts' earnings forecastsLi, Nan; Su, Hongtong; Dong, Wanqing; Zhu, Kai
2017 Regulatory pressure and income smoothing by banks in response to anticipated changes to the Basel II AccordLim, Chu Yeong; Yong, Kevin Ow
2017 Do independent directors play a political role? Evidence from independent directors' death eventsYe, Qing; Li, Zengquan
2017 Banking deregulation and corporate tax avoidanceFrancis, Bill B.; Ren, Ning; Wu, Qiang
2017 Accounting research in banking: A reviewLobo, Gerald J.
2017 Are academic independent directors punished more severely when they engage in violations?Quan, Yi; Li, Sihai
2017 How much control causes tunneling? Evidence from ChinaChen, Wenting; Li, Shanmin; Chen, Crystal Xiaobei
2017 Accruals quality, underwriter reputation, and corporate bond underpricing: Evidence from ChinaXu, Si; Gong Guangming; Gong, Xun
2017 Five-year plans, China finance and their consequencesChen, Donghua; Li, Oliver Zhen; Xin, Fu
2017 Female directors and real activities manipulation: Evidence from ChinaLuo, Jin-hui; Xiang, Yuangao; Huang, Zeyue
2017 Influence of Chinese entrepreneurial companies' internationalization on independent innovation: Input incentive effect and efficiency improvement effectXu, Xin; Xia, Yun; Li, Chuntao
2017 Peer effects in decision-making: Evidence from corporate investmentChen, Shenglan; Ma, Hui
2017 Economic policy uncertainty, credit risks and banks' lending decisions: Evidence from Chinese commercial banksChi, Qinwei; Li, Wenjing
2017 Employee quality, monitoring environment and internal controlLiu, Chunli; Lin, Bin; Shu, Wei
2017 Stock index adjustments, analyst coverage and institutional holdings: Evidence from ChinaZhu, Song; Jiang, Xiaoyu; Ke, Xiaoli; Bai, Xiaoyu
2017 Geographical relationships and CEO compensation contractsYu, Junli; Xu, Wei; Zhang, Ping
2017 How does smog affect firms' investment behavior? A natural experiment based on a sudden surge in the PM2.5 indexLuo, Jingbo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 136