China Journal of Accounting Research. The journal of the Sun Yat-sen University, Elsevier

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 External regulation, independent director attendance, and governance effectsSong, Leilei; Tian, Gary Gang; Liao, Guanmin
2021 CEO organizational identification and firm cash holdingsZhou, Meihua; Cao, Jian; Lin, Bin
2021 Adjustment costs of institutional tax changes from the audit pricing perspective: Empirical evidence from the VAT reformDuan, Binglei; Ma, Xinxiao; Tang, Taijie; Zheng, Guojiang
2021 Do common owners influence corporate social responsibility? Firm-level evidence from ChinaYan, Suyan
2021 Waiting and following: Within-industry herding behavior in annual report disclosureCao, Shijiao; Wang, Jiangqiong
2021 Where to donate: The geographical distribution of corporate philanthropy in ChinaJi, Li; Tao, Cunjie; Deng, Bofu
2021 Do goodwill impairments affect audit opinions? Evidence from ChinaHe, Ziye; Chen, Dong; Tang, Jianxin
2021 Examining export trade and corporate innovation: A multiphase difference-in-differences methodZhou, Donghua; Peng, Jianfei; Gao, Xue
2021 Noise from online discussion forums: Evidence from IPOs in ChinaFei, Qingqing
2021 Board secretary and market information efficiency: Evidence from corporate site visitsXu, Weihang; Cao, Huijuan; Qin, Shuai; Kong, Xiangting
2021 CFO narcissism and audit fees: Evidence from listed companies in ChinaXiang, Rui; Song, Congmin
2020 The effect of affiliated analysts on stock recommendations: Evidence from share pledges in ChinaZhang, Chenyu; Qian, Aimin; Shi, Xiangyan
2020 Does environmental labeling exacerbate heavily polluting firms' financial constraints? Evidence from ChinaXiao, Han; Wang, Kemin
2020 Independent technical directors and their effect on corporate innovation in ChinaLi, Zhe; Li, Xingyi; Xie, Anning
2020 The impact of the Social Security Fund on auditor litigation riskZhu, Lei; Zheng, Qianwen
2020 How audit effort affects audit quality: An audit process and audit output perspectiveXiao, Tusheng; Geng, Chunxiao; Yuan, Chun
2020 Peer effect in the initial recognition of goodwillXu, Liping; Guan, Yueqin; Fu, Zhihong; Yu, Xin
2020 Related party transactions and firm value: The moderating role of corporate social responsibility reportingHendratama, Tifanny Dwijaya; Barokah, Zuni
2020 Tracing back to the source: Understanding the corporate governance of boards of directors in Chinese SOEsLu, Zhengfei; Zhu, Jigao
2020 State-owned enterprises in China: A review of 40years of research and practiceLin, Karen Jingrong; Lu, Xiaoyan; Zhang, Junsheng; Zheng, Ying
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 208