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Gohary, Ali
Hanzaee, Kambiz Heidarzadeh
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[Journal:] Arab Economic and Business Journal [ISSN:] 2214-4625 [Volume:] 9 [Year:] 2014 [Issue:] 2 [Pages:] 166-174
This study examines the relationship between Big Five personality traits with shopping motivation variables consisting of compulsive and impulsive buying, hedonic and utilitarian shopping values. Two hundred forty seven college students were recruited to participate in this research. Bivariate correlation demonstrates an overlap between personality traits; consequently, canonical correlation was performed to prevent this phenomenon. The results of multiple regression analysis suggested conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness as predictors of compulsive buying, impulsive buying and utilitarian shopping values. In addition, the results showed significant differences between males and females on conscientiousness, neuroticism, openness, compulsive buying and hedonic shopping value. Besides, using hierarchical regression analysis, we examined sex as moderator between Big Five personality traits and shopping variables, but we didn't find sufficient evidence to prove it.
Big Five Personality
Hedonic values
Utilitarian values
Compulsive buying
Impulsive buying
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