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Dębski, Maciej
Nasierowski, Wojciech
[Journal:] Foundations of Management [ISSN:] 2300-5661 [Volume:] 9 [Year:] 2017 [Issue:] 1 [Pages:] 317-330
The objective of this paper is to identify selected aspects of the management of information about prospective tourist destinations by young people (students) from Canada, Poland, and Trinidad and Tobago. On the basis of a questionnaire study, the ranking of preferences of respondents (i.e., the main criteria of destination choice) has been presented. Students were selected as respondents - as a 'convenient sample' - in this privately funded study. A variety of aspects related to comfort (and convenience) and attractiveness have been identified as most important to the choice of destination. These are also leading motives that may form a platform for advertising campaigns and suggestions for regional development. This examination has been done mainly with the use of analysis of averages, Spearman correlation coefficients, and various approaches to factor analysis. It turns out that despite very different characteristics of respondents from the three countries, both their preferences and motives for promotion of the destination are very similar. Conclusions can be helpful for travel agencies and those responsible for the development of tourism infrastructure, as well as for the organization of further studies on the subject. The combination of various statistical tools used when examining the subject and the finding - that is, the similarity of preferences between travelers - can be regarded as new value when examining the subject.
marketing communications
young tourists
destination attractiveness
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