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Sieber, Niklas
Doll, Claus
Van Hassel, Edwin
Köhler, Jonathan
Vaneslander, Thierry
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Working Paper Sustainability and Innovation No. S17/2018
Fraunhofer-Institut für System- und Innovationsforschung ISI, Karlsruhe
This publication is one of nine working papers compiled within the study "Low Carbon Rail Freight Corridors for Europe" (LowCarb-RFC). The LowCarb-RFC study concentrates on ways for de-carbonising long-distance freight transport along major European corridors as this sector is among the most stead-ily growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, and which is most difficult to address by renewable energies and other standard climate mitigation measures in transport. This paper starts by elaborating an appropriate impacts assessment scheme, which is then applied to the transport model results for the LowCarb-RFC scenarios Pro Rail and Pro Road. [...]
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Working Paper 8 of the study Low-Carb-RFC - European Rail Freight Corridors going Carbon Neutral
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Working Paper

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