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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016A framework and risk analysis for supply chain emission tradingLi, Fang; Schwarz, Lydia; Haasis, Hans-Dietrich
2016M2M Potentials in logistics and transportation industryMehmood, Yasir; Marwat, Safdar Nawaz Khan; Kuladinithi, Koojana; Förster, Anna; Zaki, Yasir; Görg, Carmelita; Timm-Giel, Andreas
2016A methodology to develop collaborative robotic cyber physical systems for production environmentsKhalid, Azfar; Kirisci, Pierre; Ghrairi, Zied; Thoben, Klaus-Dieter; Pannek, Jürgen
2016Mechanical feasibility and decentralized control algorithms of small-scale, multi-directional transport modulesKrühn, Tobias; Sohrt, Simon; Overmeyer, Ludger
2016A coordinated scheduling of delivery and inventory in a multi-location hospital supplied with a central pharmacyHammoudan, Zakaria; Grunder, Olivier; Boudouh, Toufik; ElMoudni, Abdellah
2016Topological robustness of the global automotive industryBrintrup, Alexandra; Ledwoch, Anna; Barros, Jose
2016Development and implementation of a green logistics-oriented framework for batch process industries: two case studiesEl-Berishy, Nagham M.; Scholz-Reiter, Bernd
2016Challenges and future perspectives for the life cycle of manufacturing networks in the mass customisation eraMourtzis, D.
2016Penalty and reward contracts between a manufacturer and its logistics service providerAktas, Emel; Ulengin, Fusun
2016Behavioral factors influencing partner trust in logistics collaboration: a reviewDaudi, Morice; Hauge, Jannicke Baalsrud; Thoben, Klaus-Dieter