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2024Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Planetary Well-BeingElo, Merja; Hytönen, Jonne; Karkulehto, Sanna; Kortetmäki, Teea; Kotiaho, Janne S.; Puurtinen, Mikael; Salo, Miikka
2024Families Mental Health and Challenges in the 21st Century: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference of Applied Psychology on Humanity (ICAPH 2022), Malang, Indonesia, 27 August 2022Arifin, Syamsul; Yuniardi, Salis; Karmiyati, Diah; Iswinarti; Hasanati, Nida; Winarsunu, Tulus; Suryaningrum, Cahyaning
2024New Economic Statecraft: China, the United States and the European UnionXiaotong, Zhang
2024Communities and Museums in the 21st Century: Shared Histories and Climate ActionBrown, Karen; Cummins, Alissandra; González Rueda, Ana S.
2024Advertising as a Creative Industry: Regime of ParadoxesDerda, Izabela
2024Global Mindset and International Business: Driving Process Outsourcing OrganizationsKossowska, Magdalena; Rosiński, Jerzy
2024Equity Crowdfunding in Sports Clubs: Consumer-Oriented Strategic MarketingKościółek, Szczepan
2024Cambodian Dollarization: Its Policy Implications for LDCs' Financial DevelopmentOkuda, Hidenobu; Chea, Serey
2023Managing the Digital University: Paradigms, Leadership, and OrganizationSułkowski, Łukasz
2023Managing Generation Z: Motivation, Engagement and LoyaltyNieżurawska-Zając, Joanna; Kycia, Radosław Antoni; Niemczynowicz, Agnieszka
2023International Trade Regulation: Evolving Dynamics and Shifting FoundationsWang, Zhiqiong June; Chen, Jianfu
2023Embracing New Perspectives in History, Social Sciences, and Education: Proceedings of the International Conference on History, Social Sciences, and Education (ICHSE 2021), Malang, Indonesia, 11 September 2021Ridhoi, Ronal; Subekti, Arif; Navarro, Francis M.
2023Universities, Stakeholders and Social Mission: Building Cooperation Through Action ResearchBogacz-Wojtanowska, Ewa; Jedynak, Piotr; Wrona, Sylwia; Pluszyńska, Anna
2023Contemporary Research on Management and Business: Proceedings of the International Seminar of Contemporary Research on Business and Management (ISCRBM 2021), 18 December 2021, Jakarta, IndonesiaNoviaristanti, Siska
2023The Imperial Underbelly: Workers, Contractors, and Entrepreneurs in Colonial India and ScandinaviaCederlöf, Gunnel
2023Tourism and Heritage in the Chornobyl Exclusion ZoneBanaszkiewicz, Magdalena
2023Taxation in the Digital Economy: New Models in Asia and the PacificHendriyetty, Nella; Evans, Chris; Kim, Chul Ju; Taghizadeh-Hesary, Farhad
2023Technologies in Decline: Socio-Technical Approaches to Discontinuation and DestabilisationKoretsky, Zahar; Stegmaier, Peter; Turnheim, Bruno; van Lente, Harro
2023Robots and AI: A New Economic EraIng, Lili Yan; Grossman, Gene M.
2023The Impossibilities of the Circular Economy: Separating Aspirations from RealityLehmann, Harry; Hinske, Christoph; de Margerie, Victoire; Slaveikova Nikolova, Aneta
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 194