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2022 Oil spaces: Exploring the global petroleumscapeHein, Carola
2022 A handbook of management theories and models for office environments and servicesDanivska, Vitalija; Appel-Meulenbroek, Rianne
2022 Responsible management education: The PRME global movementThe Principles for Responsible Management Education Community
2022 Governance and city regions: Policy and planning in EuropeZimmermann, Karsten; Feiertag, Patricia
2022 Stakeholder management and social responsibility: Concepts, approaches and tools in the Covid contextNicolescu, Ovidiu; Nicolescu, Ciprian
2022 The dynamics of marginalized youth: Not in education, employment, or training around the worldLevels, Mark; Brzinsky-Fay, Christian; Holmes, Craig; Jongbloed, Janine; Taki, Hirofumi
2022 Andean states and the resource curse: Institutional change in extractive economiesDamonte, Gerardo; Schorr, Bettina
2022 The politics of knowledge in inclusive development and innovationLudwig, David; Boogaard, Birgit; Macnaghten, Phil; Leeuwis, Cees
2022 Energy transition in the Baltic Sea Region: Understanding stakeholder engagement and community acceptanceKarimi, Farid; Rodi, Michael
2022 Building innovation capabilities for sustainable industrialisation: Renewable electrification in developing economiesLema, Rasmus; Andersen, Margrethe Holm; Hanlin, Rebecca; Nzila, Charles
2022 Gender, food and COVID-19: Global stories of harm and hopeCastellanos, Paige; Sachs, Carolyn E.; Tickamyer, Ann R.
2022 The socioeconomic impact of COVID-19 on Eastern European countriesDykas, Paweł; Wisła, Rafał
2022 COVID-19 in Indonesia: Impacts on the economy and ways to recoveryIng, Lili Yan; Basri, M. Chatib
2022 Globalisation and its economic consequences: Looking at APEC economiesUrata, Shujiro; Doan Ha Thi Thanh
2022 Transformative pathways to sustainability: Learning across disciplines, cultures and contextsThe Pathways Network
2022 Governance and business models for sustainable capitalismMidttun, Atle
2022 The Value & Purpose of Management Education: Looking Back and Thinking Forward in Global FocusThomas, Howard; Cornuel, Eric; Wood, Matthew
2022 European Union competition policy versus industrial competitiveness: Stringent regulation and its external implicationsYoshizawa, Hikaru
2022 Environmental evaluation and global development institutions: A case study of the global environment facilityBatra, Geeta; Uitto, Juha I.; Feinstein, Osvaldo Néstor
2022 Sustainable development goal 3: Health and well-being of ageing in Hong KongFong, Ben Yuk Fai; Law, Vincent Tin Sing; Leung, Tiffany Cheng-Han; Lo, Man Fung; Ng, Tommy K. C.; Yee, Hilary H. L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 126