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2018 White-collar crime in the shadow economy: Lack of detection, investigation and conviction compared to social security fraudGottschalk, Petter; Gunnesdal, Lars
2018 Applying the Kaizen in Africa: A new avenue for industrial developmentOtsuka, Keijiro; Jin, Kimiaki; Sonobe, Tetsushi
2018 RESTART sustainable business model innovationJørgensen, Sveinung; Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes
2018 Pragmatic philanthropy: Asian charity explainedShapiro, Ruth A.; Mirchandani, Manisha; Jang, Heesu
2018 Wellbeing Economics: The Capabilities Approach to ProsperityDalziel, Paul; Saunders, Caroline; Saunders, Joe
2017 Spanish economic growth, 1850-2015Prados de la Escosura, Leandro
2017 The crisis for young people: Generational inequalities in education, work, housing and welfareGreen, Andy
2017 Practical economics: Economic transformation and government reform in Georgia 2004-2012Gilauri, Nika
2017 Healthcare, frugal innovation, and professional voluntarism: A cost-benefit analysisAckers, Helen Louise; Ackers-Johnson, James; Chatwin, John; Tyler, Natasha
2017 Trailblazing in entrepreneurship: Creating new paths for understanding the fieldShepherd, Dean A.; Patzelt, Holger
2017 Fallibility at work: Rethinking excellence and error in organizationsKvalnes, Øyvind
2016 Microfinance, EU structural funds and capacity building for managing authorities: A comparative analysis of European convergence regionsPes, Giovanni Nicola; Porretta, Pasqualina
2016 Saving for development: How Latin America and the Caribbean can save more and betterCavallo, Eduardo A.; Serebrisky, Tomá
2016 Firm innovation and productivity in Latin America and the Caribbean: The engine of economic developmentGrazzi, Matteo; Pietrobelli, Carlo
2015 Moral reasoning at work: Rethinking ethics in organizationsKvalnes, Øyvind
2014 The economics of the audiovisual industry: Financing TV, film and webLa Torre, Mario
2010 Accountability in public policy partnershipsSteets, Julia
2010 Networks in the Russian market economyLonkila, Markku
2010 Determinants of financial developmentHuang, Yongfu
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 21 bis 39 von 39