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2020 Data collection in fragile states: Innovations from Africa and beyondHoogeveen, Johannes; Pape, Utz Johann
2020 White gold: The commercialisation of rice farming in the Lower Mekong BasinCramb, Robert A.
2019 Built on value: The Huawei philosophy of finance managementHuang, Weiwei
2019 Designing digital work: Concepts and methods for human-centred digitizationOppl, Stefan; Stary, Christian
2019 Moral reasoning at work: Rethinking ethics in organizationsKvalnes, Øyvind
2019 Transforming food systems for a rising IndiaPingali, Prabhu L.; Aiyar, Anaka; Abraham, C. Mathew; Rahman, Andaleeb
2019 Re-inventing Africa's development: Linking Africa to the Korean development modelPark, Jong-Dae
2019 Shipping and globalization in the post-war era: Contexts, companies, connectionsPetersson, Niels P.; Tenold, Stig; White, Nicholas J.
2019 Norwegian shipping in the 20th century: Norway's successful navigation of the world's most global industryTenold, Stig
2019 Disrupting finance: FinTech and strategy in the 21st centuryLynn, Theo; Mooney, John G.; Rosati, Pierangelo; Cummins, Mark
2019 Trade Unions on YouTube: Online Revitalization in SwedenJansson, Jenny; Uba, Katrin
2018 Pragmatic philanthropy: Asian charity explainedShapiro, Ruth A.; Mirchandani, Manisha; Jang, Heesu
2018 RESTART sustainable business model innovationJørgensen, Sveinung; Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes
2018 White-collar crime in the shadow economy: Lack of detection, investigation and conviction compared to social security fraudGottschalk, Petter; Gunnesdal, Lars
2018 Applying the Kaizen in Africa: A new avenue for industrial developmentOtsuka, Keijiro; Jin, Kimiaki; Sonobe, Tetsushi
2018 Wellbeing Economics: The Capabilities Approach to ProsperityDalziel, Paul; Saunders, Caroline; Saunders, Joe
2018 Housing market dynamics in AfricaBah, El-hadj; Faye, Issa; Geh, Zekebweliwai F.
2018 Disability, health and human developmentMitra, Sophie
2018 The social life of economic inequalities in contemporary Latin America: Decades of changeYstanes, Margit; Strønen, Iselin Åsedotter
2018 A fair share of tax: A fiscal anthropology of contemporary SwedenBjörklund Larsen, Lotta
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 39