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Fiałkowska, Kamila
Garapich, Michał P.
Mirga-Wójtowicz, Elżbieta
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CMR Working Papers No. 108/166
Abstract (Translated): 
The article discusses the case of academic silence around migration of Roma from Poland - both in Polish Romani studies (romology) and migration studies. The absence of Roma migration in migration research in Poland is contrasted with the absence of the subject of migration in Romani studies. Paradoxically, the group associated in the social imaginary with mobility is absent in migration studies in Poland. On the other hand, in the studies of Roma people in Poland, they turn out to be surprisingly static and immobilized. The aim of this paper is to critically explore this particular type of discursive silence, to think about what are the underlying theoretical and conceptual reasons and finally, how does it impact the migration and Romani studies.
migration research
migration of Roma from Poland
Romani studies
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Working Paper

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