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Ali, Mazhar
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[Journal:] Pakistan Business Review [ISSN:] 1561-8706 [Volume:] 17 [Issue:] 4 [Pages:] 916-932
This study investigates advertising effectiveness of creative TV advertisements (Ads) for high involvement products. The majority of such studies have been conducted using low involvement products. There is a need to conduct a research to find out the effectiveness of creative advertisements for high involvement products. This study will fill this knowledge gap. This study aimed at measuring the impact of creativity in Ads on Attitude toward Advertisement, Unaided Recall and Purchase intention. It involved 94 university students in an experimental research. Paired sample t-test was used for evaluating creative and control Ads .Data analysis reveals that creative Ads are better than control Ads in generating favorable attitude toward ad and high Ad recall but equally ineffective in persuading customers to buy. Binary logistic regression showed small role of creativity in causing high Ad recall while multiple regression analysis confirmed the supremacy of creative Ads for forming a favorable attitude toward Ad.
advertising effectiveness
purchase intention
Aided Recall
Un-aided Recall
Product involvement
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