ZEW Discussion Papers, ZEW - Leibniz-Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung

Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 21 bis 40 von 2073
2019 Subnational border reforms and economic development in AfricaBaskaran, Thushyanthan; Blesse, Sebastian
2018 New evidence on determinants of IP litigation: A market-based approachCzarnitzki, Dirk; van Criekingen, Kristof
2018 The effects of uncertainty on market liquidity: Evidence from Hurricane SandyRehse, Dominik; Riordan, Ryan; Rottke, Nico; Zietz, Joachim
2018 Trust-based work time and the productivity effects of mobile information technologies in the workplaceViete, Steffen; Erdsiek, Daniel
2018 Public procurement as policy instrument for innovationCzarnitzki, Dirk; Hünermund, Paul; Moshgbar, Nima
2018 Idiosyncratic risk, aggregate risk, and the welfare effects of social securityHarenberg, Daniel; Ludwig, Alexander
2018 Cognition, optimism and the formation of age-dependent survival beliefsGrevenbrock, Nils; Groneck, Max; Ludwig, Alexander; Zimper, Alexander
2018 The demand for global and local environmental protection: Experimental evidence from climate change mitigation in BeijingLoeschel, Andreas; Pei, Jiansuo; Sturm, Bodo; Wang, Ran; Buchholz, Wolfgang; Zhao, Zhongxiu
2018 Gap-filling government debt maturity choiceEidam, Frederik
2018 Estimating the benefits of R&D subsidies for GermanyKoehler, Mila
2018 Optimal taxes on capital in the OLG model with uninsurable idiosyncratic income riskKrueger, Dirk; Ludwig, Alexander
2018 Web mining of firm websites: A framework for web scraping and a pilot study for GermanyKinne, Jan; Axenbeck, Janna
2018 Unemployment and online laborBorchert, Kathrin; Hirth, Matthias; Kummer, Michael E.; Laitenberger, Ulrich; Slivko, Olga; Viete, Steffen
2018 The distribution of material footprints in GermanyPothen, Frank; Tovar Reaños, Miguel Angel
2018 Impulsstudie "Telekommunikationsregulierung 4.0"Fetzer, Thomas
2018 Unemployment effects of the German minimum wage in an equilibrium job search modelBlömer, Maximilian J.; Guertzgen, Nicole; Pohlan, Laura; Stichnoth, Holger; van den Berg, Gerard J.
2018 Inequality of educational opportunities and the role of learning intensity: Evidence from a quasi-experiment in GermanyCamarero Garcia, Sebastian
2018 Do digital information technologies help unemployed job seekers find a job? Evidence from the broadband internet expansion in GermanyGürtzgen, Nicole; Nolte, André; Pohlan, Laura; van den Berg, Gerard J.
2018 "Brain gain" on Wikipedia: Immigrants return knowledge homeSlivko, Olga
2018 Bank credit supply and firm innovationGiebel, Marek; Kraft, Kornelius
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 21 bis 40 von 2073
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