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2020 The effect of economic conditions on accounting conservatism under IFRS in EuropeCerqueira, Antonio; Pereira, Cláudia
2020 Financial literacy, behaviour and well-being of millennials in Poland compared to previous generations: The insights from three large-scale surveysCwynar, Andrze
2020 Italian bank crisis: Flexible application of BRRD rules, or a bailout in disguise?Famfollet, Jan; Sankotová, Eliška
2020 Spillover effects of unconventional monetary policy on capital markets in the shadow of the Eurozone: A sample of non-Eurozone countriesMészáros, Mercédesz; Kiss, Gábor Dávid
2020 Determinants of private investments in Turkey: Examining the role of democracyAkçay, Selçuk; Karasoy, Alper
2020 Evaluation of eHealth deployment at primary care in the EU member states by usage of selected MCDM methodsArdielli, Eva
2020 Categorization of the EU member states in the context of selected multicriteria international indices using cluster analysisOnuferová, Erika; Čabinová, Veronika; Matijová, Mária
2020 Public spending efficiency in the OECD: Benchmarking health care, education, and general administrationDutu, Richard; Sicari, Patrizio
2020 Identifying major policy challenges and policy interventions via expert methodsDokupilová, Dušana; Baláž, Vladimír; Kurincová, Vladimíra Čavojová; Mikušková, Eva Ballová; Gombitová, Dagmar
2020 Newly discovered gold does not distort the economy: It is not a market failureBlock, Walter; Barnett, William
2020 Assessment of priorities of construction of high-speed rail in the Czech Republic in terms of impacts on internal and external integrationPařil, Vilém; Viturka, Milan
2020 Impact of selected determinants on the financial structure of the mining companies in the selected countriesŠkuláňová, Nicole
2020 Housing privatization in transition countries: Institutional features and outcomesBroulíková, Hana M.; Montag, Josef
2020 Economic freedom and its impact on Foreign Direct Investment: Global overviewSingh, Devesh; Gál, Zoltán
2020 Are "fair" wages quantitatively important for business cycle fluctuations in Bulgaria?Vasilev, Aleksandar
2020 The present and future of commuting - report from the Teléc Seminar 2019Kvizda, Martin
2020 Relationships between exchange rate regime, real exchange rate volatility and currency structure of government bonds in emerging marketsDudzich, Viktar
2019 Validity of weak-form market efficiency in Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs): Evidence from linear and nonlinear unit root testsErdas, Mehmet Levent
2019 Evolutionary psychology, economic freedom, trade and benevolenceLevendis, John D.; Eckhardt, Robert B.; Block, Walter
2019 Financialization and the labor share of incomeÖzdemir, Onur
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 147