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2021 Transport in times of an epidemic: Public transport measures in the Czech Republic and its regionsVrána, Martin; Surmařová, Simona; Hlisnikovský, Petr; Dujka, Jiří
2021 Volume and territorial distribution of the Czech Republic's official development assistance flows to least developed countriesKovářová, Eva
2021 German exports: Impact on the selected EU countriesJuráček, Marek
2021 A simple measure to study multinational income inequalityOrkideh, Gharehgozli; Vidya, Atal
2021 The impact of seven macroprudential policy instruments on financial stability in six euro area economiesLorenčič, Eva; Festić, Mejra
2021 The effects of education-job (mis)match on the earnings of graduates in the Czech RepublicSedláček, Jan; Zelenka, Martin
2021 Oil price shock in the US and the euro area - evidence from the shadow rate and the term premiumPažický, Martin
2021 History re-written: Misconceptions of U.S. trade and industrial policy and the influence of neoliberalismTaylor, Travis K.; Montera, Amanda
2021 Reality and expectations of old-age pension savings in the pension system of the Slovak RepublicSika, Peter; Vidová, Jarmila
2021 Current implementation of the circular economy in enterprises in the Czech RepublicUngerman, Otakar; Dědková, Jaroslava
2021 Identifying the main determinants of part-time employment in EU CountriesMiežienė, Rasa; Krutulienė, Sandra; Gruževskis, Boguslavas
2021 Impact of fiscal institutions on public finances in the European Union: Review of evidence in the empirical literatureGorčák, Martin; Šaroch, Stanislav
2021 Measuring monetary policy by money supply and interest rate: Evidence from emerging economiesBui, Trung Thanh; Gábor, Kiss Dávid
2021 What are the factors of tax evasion? New findings in the EVS studyRyšavá, Tereza; Zídková, Hana
2021 Does the instability of economic development affect the elasticity of the labour market?Daňová, Monika; Vozárová, Ivana Kravčáková
2021 What is the sustainable level of banks' credit losses and provisions?Malovaná, Simona; Tesařová, Žaneta
2021 Distribution of new cars: No longer an issue for EU competition law?Šmejkal, Václav
2021 The occurrence of the preconditions for social exclusion in the Czech Republic: A basis for the planning of social prevention servicesKovářová, Eva; Vavrek, Roman
2020 Categorization of the EU member states in the context of selected multicriteria international indices using cluster analysisOnuferová, Erika; Čabinová, Veronika; Matijová, Mária
2020 Newly discovered gold does not distort the economy: It is not a market failureBlock, Walter; Barnett, William
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 170