Review of Economic Perspectives. The Journal of Masaryk University, De Gruyter Open

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 The Effects of Research and Development (R&D) Investments on Sustainable Economic Growth: Evidence from OECD Countries (1996-2015)Yazgan, Şekip; Yalçinkaya, Ömer
2018 Planned stagnation? The economic plan vs. reality in the Czechoslovak railway sector of the 1970s and 1980sNigrin, Tomáš
2018 Impact of E-Government Development on the Level of Corruption: Measuring the Effects of Related Indices in Time and DimensionsMáchová, Renáta; Volejníková, Jolana; Lněnička, Martin
2018 Multi-criteria Evaluation of the State of Professional Theatres in the Czech Republic in Terms of Mixed Public Goods Provided to the CitizensArdielli, Eva; Bečica, Jiří
2018 Entrepreneurial Innovation: the European Union perspectiveIgnatov, Augustin
2018 Property Tax and Quality of Life in the Czech Municipalities: Does the Policy of Raising Local Coefficient Imply Potential or Risk for Development?Zdražil, Pavel; Pernica, Bohuslav
2018 Determining Some Factors of the Financial Situation in the European Union Publishing SectorSanz José, Ángel; Bedate Ana, María; Durántez, Mariano
2018 Impact of refugee population on development: A comparative analysis for the case of host economiesKouni, Mohamed
2018 Soft Skills of Czech GraduatesBalcar, Jiří; Šimek, Milan; Filipová, Lenka
2018 Selected Issues from the Dark Side of the General Data Protection RegulationCvik, Daniela Eva; Pelikánová MacGregor, Radka; Malý, Michal
2018 Interest and tax burden on corporations in the Czech industrial and banking sector after 2008Sedláček, Jaroslav; Němec, Daniel
2018 Loose Monetary Policy and Corporate Investment of Manufacturing Firms in the Czech RepublicKajurová, Veronika; Linnertová, Dagmar
2018 Fiscal-Monetary-Financial Stability Interactions in a Data-Rich EnvironmentHodula, Martin; Pfeifer, Lukáš
2018 Labour Market in the Czech Republic: DSGE ApproachŽelezník, Martin
2018 Firm’s Absorptive Capacity: The Case of Vietnamese Manufacturing FirmsVu Hoang, Duong
2018 Spatial Dimension of Czech Enterprise Support Policy: Where are Public Expenditures Allocated?Novosák, Jiří; Hájek, Oldřich; Novosáková, Jana; Koleňák, Jiří
2018 Determinants of Patent Protection Regimes: A Self-Organizing Map ApproachDemir, Caner; Cergibozan, Raif
2018 Productivity Development in Selected Central European Countries Measured by the Sato Production FunctionRoubalová, Lenka; Viskotová, Lenka
2018 Income Self-Sufficiency and Profitability of Professional Theatres in the Czech RepublicBečica, Jiří
2018 R&D Investments, EPO Patent Applications and the Economic Heterogeneity within the EUPotužáková, Zuzana; Öhm, Jan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 110