Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science. The bi-annual academic publication of Universidad ESAN, Emerald Publishing

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2016 Stock market index prediction using artificial neural networkHedayati Moghaddam, Amin; Hedayati Moghaddam, Moein; Esfandyari, Morteza
2016 Pricing maximum-minimum bidirectional options in trinomial CEV modelPeng, Bin; Peng, Fei
2016 Valorización de opciones reales: modelo Ornstein-UhlenbeckTresierra, Álvaro; Carrasco Montero, Claudia Marilia
2016 Modelización de la autosuficiencia de las instituciones microfinancieras mediante regresión logística basada en análisis de componentes principalesIrimia-Diéguez, Ana; Blanco-Oliver, Antonio; Oliver-Alfonso, María Dolores
2015 The integration of stock exchanges: The case of the Latin American Integrated Market (MILA) and its impact on ownership and internationalization status in Colombian brokerage firmsYepes-Rios, Beatriz; Gonzalez-Tapia, Kelly; Gonzalez-Perez, Maria Alejandra
2015 Emerging Markets Integration in Latin America (MILA) Stock market indicators: Chile, Colombia, and PeruLizarzaburu Bolaños, Edmundo R.; Burneo Farfán, Kurt; Galindo, Hamilton; Berggrun, Luis
2015 Little value creation, articulation and propagating forces: A hypothesis for the Mexican manufacturing sectorRoca Tavella, Santiago; Simabuko Nako, Luis
2015 Effective use of marketing technology in Eastern Europe: Web analytics, social media, customer analytics, digital campaigns and mobile applicationsJayaram, Dureen; Manrai, Ajay K.; Manrai, Lalita A.
2015 Sales training: A state of the art and contemporary reviewSingh, Vijay Lakshmi; Manrai, Ajay K.; Manrai, Lalita A.
2015 The Link Class Project: Collaborative virtual teams between Peru and The NetherlandsOlivos Rossini, Mariella; Rincón, Sandra; Rutkowski, Anne-Francoise
2015 Training and development as a tool for improving basic service delivery; the case of a selected municipalityMpofu, Mthokozisi; Hlatywayo, Clifford Kendrick
2015 Malaysian finance sector weak-form efficiency: Heterogeneity, structural breaks, and cross-sectional dependenceChing Kok, Sook; Munir, Qaiser
2015 The readability of international illustration of auditor's report: An advanced reflection on the compromise between normative principles and linguistic requirementsFakhfakh, Mondher
2015 Latin America's challenge: A fresh look at industrial policyHaar, Jerry
2015 Food price inflation in India: The growing economy with sluggish agricultureSasmal, Joydeb
2015 Threshold effects of inflation on growth in the ASEAN-5 countries: A Panel Smooth Transition Regression approachThanh, Su Dinh
2015 The impact of risk and mobility in dualistic models: Migration under random shocksMartins, Ana P.
2015 Effects of fiscal deficit and money M2 supply on inflation: Evidence from selected economies of AsiaNguyen, Van Bon
2014 Dynamic estimation of an interest rate structure in Colombia. Empirical analysis using the Kalman filterCastaño, Rogelio Maldonado; Rueda, Natalia Zapata; Robayo, Javier Orlando Pantoja
2014 Aid allocation, selectivity, and the quality of governanceIn'airat, Mohammad
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 21 bis 40 von 73