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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Reasons for embracing a religion: The case of Brazilian womenIrffi, Guilherme; Santos da Cruz, Mércia; Silva Carvalho, Eveline Barbosa
2017Electoral impacts of uncovering public school quality: Evidence from Brazilian municipalitiesFirpo, Sergio; Pieri, Renan; Souza, André Portela
2017Opportunities and challenges to the sustainable development of cattle raising in Brazil, 1970-2005Reis, Eustaquio
2017Credit scarcity in developing countries: An empirical investigation using Brazilian firm-level dataPinto Ambrozio, Antônio Marcos Hoelz; de Sousa, Filipe Lage; Martin Faleiros, João Paulo; Albuquerque Sant'Anna, André
2017Magic hypercube and index of welfare and sustainabilitySaavedra-Rivano, Neantro; Teixeira, Joanilio Rodolpho
2017Inattention in individual expectationsde Almeida Campos Cordeiro, Yara; Gaglianone, Wagner Piazza; Issler, João Victor
2017Industrial pricing in Brazil in the 2010s: The pass-through effectCâmara, Felipe; Feijo, Carmem
2017Are more resources always the answer? A supply and demand analysis for public health services in Brazilian municipalitiesRocha, Fabiana; Duarte, Janete; de Oliveira, Plínio Portela; Nunes Pereira, Luis Felipe Vital; de Brito Gadelha, Sérgio Ricardo
2017Switching costs and the extent of potential competition in Brazilian bankingSilva, Mariana O.; Lucinda, Claudio R.
2017ASEAN economic growth, trade openness and banking-sector depth: The nexusPradhan, Rudra P.; Arvin, Mak B.; Hall, John H.; Norman, Neville R.