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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013The influence of interest on net equity and interest rates on tax neutrality – a case study of the Brazilian corporate taxationFerreira de Almeida, Aloísio Flavio; Leitão Paes, Nelson
2013Evaluating the impact of a change in the ICMS tax law in the state of Ceará in municipal education and health indicatorsPetterini, Francis Carlo; Irffi, Guilherme Diniz
2013New macroeconomic consensus and inflation targeting: Monetary Policy Committee directors’ turnover in BrazilAmbrosio Dias, Maria Helena; Teixeira, Anderson Mutter; Dias, Joilson
2013Determinants of the level of indebtedness for Brazilian firms: A quantile regression approachOliveira, Guilherme Resende; Tabak, Benjamin Miranda; de Lara Resende, José Guilherme; Cajueiro, Daniel Oliviera
2013Spatial analysis of cultural activities in the microregions of Minas GeraisFerreira Neto, Amir Borges; Perobelli, Fernando Salgueiro
2013Public debt in Brazil: Sustentability and its implicationsTourinho, Octavio Augusto Fontes; Mercês, Guilherme Macedo Reis; Costa, Jonathas Goulart
2013A Foucauldian view of Veblen's institutionalism: Non-teleology and the interdiscursivity between economics and biologyRibas Cavalieri, Marco Antonio; de Lima, Iara Vigo
2013Personal charisma or the economy?: Macroeconomic indicators of presidential approval ratings in BrazilFerreira, Alex Luiz; Sakurai, Sérgio Naruhiko
2013Short run and long run in trade models: A noteRodrigues, Mauro
2013A brief analysis of aggregate measures as an alternative to the median at Central Bank of Brazil's Survey of Professional Forecastsde Carvalho, Fabia A.