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Lorenz, Ann-Kathrin
Bilger, Rebecca
Ferdinand, Hans-Michael
Pätzmann, Jens U.
[Journal:] Markenbrand [ISSN:] 2195-4933 [Volume:] [Year:] 2018 [Issue:] 6/2018 [Pages:] 22-31
Zusammenfassung (übersetzt): 
This article analyses the alteration of the archetypal hero image in current advertising. Based on the thesis that the archetype hero is still used in marketing today, selected advertising campaigns of the brands Hornbach and Duplo of the last 5 years are analysed. With the help of a criteria catalogue the characteristic of the hero motive and the respective hero role is investigated. The results show that hero patterns still can be found in current campaigns, but the alignment of the hero has changed. He is not a superhero with supernatural abilities any more, but he is characterized by grit and bargaining power. The reason for this alteration can be found in current trends that require a credible brand staging. To reach this staging, consumers' unconscious emotions are triggered with a realistic hero motive. Thus the buying behaviour is influenced in a positive way and the consumer is activated.
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