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2017 Automatic instantiation of a Variable Neighborhood Descent from a Mixed Integer Programming modelAdamo, Tommaso; Ghiani, Gianpaolo; Guerriero, Emanuela; Manni, Emanuele
2017 The option to expand a project: its assessment with the binomial options pricing modelCruz Rambaud, Salvador; Sánchez Pérez, Ana María
2017 Decision process in MCDM with large number of criteria and heterogeneous risk preferencesLiu, Jian; Zhao, Hong-Kuan; Li, Zhao-Bin; Liu, Si-Feng
2017 Pharmaceutical supply chain models: A synthesis from a systems view of operations researchSettanni, Ettore; Harrington, Tomás Seosamh; Srai, Jagjit Singh
2017 Analysis of an k-out-of-n: G system with repairman's single vacation and shut off ruleZhang, Yuanyuan; Wu, Wenqing; Tang, Yinghui
2017 The impact of hospital closures on geographical access: Evidence from four southeastern states of the United StatesBurkey, Mark L.; Bhadury, Joyendu; Eiselt, Horst A.; Toyoglu, H.
2017 Portfolio performance evaluation in Mean-CVaR framework: A comparison with non-parametric methods value at risk in Mean-VaR analysisBanihashemi, Shokoofeh; Navidi, Sarah
2017 Efficient mixed integer programming models for family scheduling problemsLin, Meng-Ye; Kuo, Yarlin
2017 Priority degrees for hesitant fuzzy sets: Application to multiple attribute decision makingLan, Jibin; Jin, Ruifang; Zheng, Zhaoyi; Hu, Mingming
2017 On the generalization of constraint programming and boolean satisfiability solving techniques to schedule a resource-constrained project consisting of multi-mode jobsSchnell, Alexander; Hartl, Richard F.
2017 An analysis of the determinants of providing business services in Mainland ChinaLee, Chia-Chi; Tung, Huan-Hsuan
2017 Classes of multiojectives games possessing Pareto equilibriaLevaggi, Laura; Pusillo, Lucia
2017 A robust optimization model for a decision-making problem: An application for stock marketFerrara, Massimiliano; Rasouli, Sepideh; Khademi, Mehrnoosh; Salimi, Mehdi
2017 A note on the optimal pricing strategy in the discrete-time Geo/Geo/1 queuing system with sojourn time-dependent rewardLee, Doo Ho
2017 Solving multi-objective facility location problem using the fuzzy analytical hierarchy process and goal programming: a case study on infectious waste disposal centersWichapa, Narong; Khokhajaikiat, Porntep
2017 Using discrete-time mathematical programming to optimise the extraction rate of a durable non-renewable resource with a single primary supplierCorominas, Albert
2016 Application of Generalized Hukuhara derivative approach in an economic production quantity model with partial trade credit policy under fuzzy environmentMajumder, Pinki; Sankar, Prasad Mondal; Bera, Uttam Kumar; Maiti, Manoranjan
2016 Path dependence in Operational Research – How the modeling process can influence the resultsHämäläinen, Raimo P.; Lahtinen, Tuomas J.
2016 The irace package: Iterated racing for automatic algorithm configurationLópez-Ibáñez, Manuel; Dubois-Lacoste, Jérémie; Pérez Cáceres, Leslie; Birattari, Mauro; Stützle, Thomas G.
2016 Algorithms for the minimum spanning tree problem with resource allocationKataoka, Seiji; Yamada, Takeo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 47