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Kubota, Luis Claudio
Leal, Rodrigo Mendes
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Texto para Discussão 2375
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The present study - descriptive - aimed to investigate federal funds through the management block of the National Health Fund (FNS). The analysis was conducted for all Brazilian municipalities, at the most disaggregated level: Action/Strategy/Service, but also at the Component level. The analysis contemplated the years 2013 to 2016, period or the term of the mayors elected in the 2012. The authors also developed a brief analysis of selected indicators of the budget cycle, for the year 2014. The analysis of the sublevels of the management block of the FNS indicates that there is a great number of actions related to psychosocial care. However, the action that is most geographically widespread is the Program for financing actions of feeding and nutrition. Among the other supported actions, there are many that have a small number of benefited municipalities and/or small values involved. The spatial analysis indicates that there is no concentration in richer regions. On the contrary, many municipalities from the North Region and from Maranhão - one of the poorest states - obtained transfers through the block. This geographical spread is due more because of the component of Implementation of health actions and services, than because of the component of Qualification of SUS's management.
National Health Fund
Unified Health System
basic health care
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Working Paper

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