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Koeller, Priscila
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Texto para Discussão No. 2371
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This paper aims to identify the profile of innovation in Brazil in 2014, positioning the country in relation to the countries of the European Union. The paper analysed the indicators resulting from the innovation surveys carried out in Brazil and in these countries in 2014. Based on the results found in a study performed with the 2000 indicators, considering Evolutionary approach as the theoretical reference and the Oslo manual in its third version, the study points out to a dynamic of innovation based on typical processes of imitative economies. The results of the innovation, which presented innovation rates similar to the average of the countries analysed, as well as the low degree of novelty and the innovation based mostly in process innovative enterprises only, show that Brazil still has a profile similar to that found in 2000. The innovative process is also similar, despite the significant increase in the percentage of innovative enterprises that received public funding for innovation, with little cooperation and innovative efforts based on the acquisition of machines, equipment and software in detriment of research and development. The results of the study, which must to be in-depth, indicate the need to review and improve the innovation policy developed in the period 2000-2014.
innovation indicators
innovation surveys
innovation dynamic
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Working Paper

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