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Falcão, João Renato
Tironi, Luís Fernando
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Texto para Discussão 2299
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The purpose of this work is the exploration of statistical methods and evaluation criteria of relational technology diversification of technical-scientific services provided by the infrastructure of Brazilian scientific and technological research. The technical and scientific services of a research infrastructure present relational diversification when technology have affinities with each other resulting in potentially positive synergies. The results of the analysis indicate the validity of the statistical analysis of data and information on the technical and scientific services for research infrastructure, with a view to analysis of relational diversification. In larger perspective, this approach can be taken as a first effort to build methodologies to assess the relational technological diversification of technical-scientific services provided by the infrastructure of research. This result benefits decision-making processes as those dealing with investment in infrastructure, both in terms of its management as of public policies for the promotion of scientific and technological development.
technological innovation
technological diversification
related technological diversification
infrastructure of scientific and technological research
correspondence analysis
odds ratio
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Working Paper

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