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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003Application of the disposition model to breast cancer dataOdai, Reginald N. O.; Urfer, Wolfgang; Kötting, Joachim; Bonney, George E.
1999Statistical analysis of spatial and temporal dynamics of a bacterial layer in an aquatic ecosystemGerß, Joachim; Schach, Siegfried; Urfer, Wolfgang
2002Sequence-structure alignment using a statistical analysis of core models and dynamic programmingBrunnert, Marcus; Fischer, Paul; Urfer, Wolfgang
2002Identification of conserved regions and determination of relationships in protein families by self-organizing mapsGrimmenstein, Isabelle M.; Andrade, Miguel A.; Urfer, Wolfgang
2002Population toxicokinetics of ethylene: Models and validation of first order assumptions on kinetic processesSelinski, Silvia; Quinke, Barbara; Golka, Klaus; Bolt,Hermann M.; Urfer, Wolfgang
1999Quantitative trait loci mapping in plant genetics by [alpha]-design experiments and molecular genetic marker systemsUrfer, Wolfgang; Mejza, S.; Hering, F.
1998Spectral extimation for psycho-physiological data: Estimating lower-dimensional respresentations in frequency spacenKrahnke, Tillmann; Scheffner, Axel; Urfer, Wolfgang
2001Statistical issues of hazardous agentsUrfer, Wolfgang
2002Statistical analysis of sequence-structure alignment scoresBrunnert, Marcus; Thiele, Ralf; Mevissen, Heinz-Theodor; Urfer, Wolfgang
2002Hidden Markov models and neural networks: Identifying signal peptides and transmembrane protein topologySousa, Lisete; Santos, Mário; Turkman, Maria Antónia Amaral; Urfer, Wolfgang