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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Theory of open inclusive innovation for reciprocal, responsive and respectful outcomes: coping creatively with climatic and institutional risks
In: volume: 2, 2016, issue: 16, p. 1-15
Gupta, Anil K.; Dey, Anamika R.; Shinde, Chintan; Mahanta, Hiranmay; Patel, Chetan; Patel, Ramesh; Sahay, Nirma; Sahu, Balram; Vivekanandan, P.; Verma, Sundaram; Ganesham, P.; Kumar, Vivek; Kumar, Vipin; Patel, Mahesh; Tole, Pooja
2016Valuation method by regression analysis on real royalty-related data by using multiple input descriptors in royalty negotiations in Life Science area-focused on anticancer therapies
In: volume: 2, 2016, issue: 21, p. 1-10
Lee, Jeong Hee; Khee-Su, Bae; Lee, Joon Woo; In, Youngyong; Kwon, Taehoon; Lee, Wangwoo
2016Smartness that matters: towards a comprehensive and human-centred characterisation of smart cities
In: volume: 2, 2016, issue: 8, p. 1-13
Lara, Alexander Prado; Da Costa, Eduardo Moreira; Furlani Zilinscki, Thiago; Yigitcanlar, Tan
2016What kind of innovations do we need to secure our future?
In: volume: 2, 2016, issue: 17, p. 1-14
Witt, Ulrich
2016Valuations using royalty data in the life sciences area—focused on anticancer and cardiovascular therapies
In: volume: 2, 2016, issue: 1, p. 1-25
Lee, Jeong Hee; In, Youngyong; Lee, Il-hyung; Lee, Joon Woo
2016Innovation decision of Tunisian service firms: an empirical analysis
In: volume: 2, 2016, issue: 18, p. 1-14
Sdiri, Hanen; Ayadi, Mohamed
2016A study on the accountability of the regional R&D program: the case of APCTP
In: volume: 2, 2016, issue: 3, p. 1-15
Kang, Jinwon; Cho, Seongsik
2016The scope of coaching in the context of organizational change
In: volume: 2, 2016, issue: 2, p. 1-14
Rosha, Angelina; Lace, Natalja
2016Business schools in crisis
In: volume: 2, 2016, issue: 10, p. 1-21
Phillips, Fred; Hsieh, C. H.; Ingene, C.; Golden, Lonnie
2016Brand relationships and risk: influence of risk avoidance and gender on brand consumption
In: volume: 2, 2016, issue: 14, p. 1-15
Lee, Seung-Hee; Workman, Jane E.; Jung, Kwangho